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September 2014

The Fall

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“The season we call fall was
once referred to simply as ?harvest? to reflect the time when farmers
gathered their crops for winter storage, roughly between August and
The word harvest comes from the Old Norse word haust
meaning ?to gather or pluck.? In the early 1600s as more people started
moving into cities, the word harvest fell out of use. Instead, city
dwellers began to use the phrase ?fall of the leaf? to refer to the
third season of the year when trees lose their leaves. The word fall comes from the Old English word feallan which means ?to fall or to die.? Over time, the phrase     was shortened to fall.pasteyour recipients’ first names.

Interestingly enough, that interpretation works well for this
ministry and even we only have Rainy days and sunny days here, in a
sense we also have Fall.

Our Fall does not consists of cool, windy days in which one would
don their sweaters, go outside and enjoy the sights and colors of a
vibrant changing season. No, our fall is like that of this picture. It
is when our money tree sheds most of it’s money, when most people are so
busy preparing to have a thanksgiving feast for a huge family get
together or start spending money for the annual Christmas bash. Alas
some Christians are planning to celebrate Halloween although that in
itself is sad. Children going back to school, new clothes and on and on.
No our fall is a fall in finances. There is no thanksgiving, although
most are thankful for whatever they have. It’s just not celebrated with a
large stuffed bird with all the trimmings. There is no halloween here
and thankfully so what we have left, is the hope of having our Christmas
celebration. Like the story above says, it’s a time of harvest and it
means to gather or pluck. If you remember your old testament it said you
were not to cultivate the edges of your fields and what ever fell when
harvesting was to be left there for the poor.
That is what we are asking for. As the fall of our supplies
dwindle and our children need school supplies and clothes and a happy
Chrismas celebration, would you please send us that which you kept on
the side for the poor as our Father has instructed?


The Landlord visited us from Florida and informed us that we need to leave as he wants to sell the house.
All that tells me is that God is ready to do something. Over here
you can get a house for $40,000. I have some land up for sale in Ridge
Spring, Aiken, South Carolina and if that would happen, we could buy
this house. That would really be a blessing for our family. Please pray
that God will make a way for us here.

We have a New Page!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look. It explains a bit
about Payatas, the work and results being accomplished here. I would ask
you if you were so inclined to pass the link to as many as you can.
Perhaps more will see and we will get more support here


Please Puruse our sites to get a better idea of what God is doing here.

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To All of Our Supporters
I know we don’t thank you enough. The truth is sometimes we take
you for granted. It’s not such a bad thing because we have learned to
depend on you in the same way as a family depends on each other.
Although we do not say it often enough, we do love and appreciate all
that you do. Look at the links above and especially the photos. It is a
testimony to your generosity. You are PMO-PBC!
May God bless you and give you the desires of your hearts.
Pastor Jack , Malou, Laura & Linda



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