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September 2012

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It’s All About Ministry
Ministry is all about serving others.
This year when the typhoons hit us…
God spared our Church and our home from devastation but so
many people could not say that. when I contacted my friend. A Pastor of a
Church in San Mateo, to see how it was by him he told me it was bad. He
had opened his doors to some 500 victims of the flood and now he had
the daunting task of feeding  all of them. I tried my best to reach out.
I called on Christians through the internet to help but no one
responded. I tried the Red cross but they were overwhelmed and so we got
together all the money we could and sent it over as did many other
Pastors in the area. That was the way in which we could serve. This
verse came to mind, how could we do less? Pro 21:13  Whoso stoppeth his
ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be

Senior in Need turns into a Blessing
An older lady with not much to live on, was looking to find
a spiritual home. Her daughter recommended that she check out our
Church. She said they have always been nice to me there. Well she came
and we were able to help her somewhat but it doesn’t end there. She was a
seamstress and had material from her days overseas. She also had a
couple of sewing machines and a edger. The ladies got together and
“Nanay” as they call her, started to teach them how to sew, make their
own patterns and put it all together. Now Nanay receives proceeds from
the things that they make and it has also helped the ladies of the
church. Here are the ladies modeling some gowns that were made. One of
the ladies commented, “It’s funny, when we were married we could not
afford such beautiful gowns but now that we are at PBC, we can!”

Ministry means people meet Jesus!

You have heard the saying that all roads lead to Rome? Well,
here at PBC, all methods lead to Jesus. We knew from the beginning
being all mouth and no action leads people away from Jesus. However when
all our ministry caters to the well being of the poor, they recognize 
that we love them and they come to Jesus because we show Him to them.
PBC has been very successful through the years using these methods.
Here are some of our ministries:Music Ministry, New house to
house ministry, Doorknocking and Visitation Ministry, Youth and
Children’s Ministry, Women’s and Men’s Ministry, Livelihood Ministry,
VBS & Camp Ministry, Christmas Ministry.

<<This is “Nanay” She always has a huge smile!


spacer.gifdivider2.gifOur Sixth Anniversary is Coming up On November 4th

But we won’t be celebrating this year

With all the things we have tried to do with others, we
ourselves have become broke. Our stand against Abortion and Same sex
marriages has cost us some supporters while the exchange rate is 20%
less than when we started. On top of that we have to leave our Church by
December and we have no money and no way to get any.
My children missed the last year of school as we only
received $150 towards the costs. We have put that on the side and we are
praying for more income.
Please pray. God is faithful and it is a Ministry that I
love so much. Helping others see Jesus and getting them on their feet,
teaching children and giving them hope for the future, it’s all been
great. We even had 68 doorknockers last Saturday.
the Payatas is an extremely poor area but it is a gold mine for souls. Please pray for the laborers.


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May God Bless you as you bless others
Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda


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