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September 2011

November 12th, 2010
To every Thing, there is a Season…





Two losses

Solomon pointed out the obvious. Whether we like it or
not, there is a time for everything and we should expect both good and

Ecc 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecc 3:2  A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

These verses sum up the sad month of September that we had.

As you all know my father was in the hospital due to a
fall and the resulting head trauma. He passed away this week. I know all
have fathers and all will pass but this one was mine and the pain is
with me. I do want to thank all of you for your prayers and support
during this time. I also thank those of you who helped me get to New
York so that I was able to see him before he passed.
So that was Ecc 3:1 A time to die.

The second one was our PBC member Kris Dollette. she
started out as someone I nagged into Church and she budded like a
beautiful flower becoming so highly led in doing the Lord’s work. She
taught children in her home and also in the church and was faithful in
all our doings. Then came Ray Vaughn. I can’t portray him as the bad guy
even though he stole our Kris. He is a wonderful Godly man and I am
proud to know him and if someone should take her (or pluck her up) then I
am glad it is him. They are on the airplane heading to the States as I
write. there is a time for every purpose and each one of these are
ordered by the Lord. We will survive.


Our Needs

We are badly in need of some things here and so I will ask
you to pray and if you are able to help, Please do. This is what we

My wife needs to renew her U.S. Passport  $100  and her Philippine Passport is about $10
Laura and Linda both need their Philippine Passports renewed – Total $20
and Linda needs a U.S. Passport at $85

Our upcoming Anniversary is a $600 expense.

Our Aircons broke down in the main room and in the office:Air Conditioners 

main room 1&1/2 hp Carrier 21,098.00 = $483.51

                     office .75hp Carrier       16,498.00= $378.09

By the way, our winters are hotter than your summers. This is not a luxury but a necessity.

Also about $60 to paint the Church.
We need less than $2,000 but for us, it just as well be a million.

the exchange rate here now is 43p to $1  When we started it was 56P to $1
So the value of our income is decreasing. thank God every
once in a while he will add a supporter to our list. I hope this month
we will get a few.


    Mr and Mrs Ray Vaughn

Raykris 2


We wish Ray and Kris a happy and holy life together.

We will all surely miss them.

Please hit that donate button. It is quick easy and painless.
we can sure use the help and nothing here is wasted.

lLookin Ahead

are looking forward to  14 men who will visit us fron the U.S. on
October 5th. The men are part of the group, ” Men of Integrity”, and
will share with us their musical ability as well as encouraging us in
the word. The kids will also get some gifts.

We also are excited about our upcoming 5th Anniversary
We will have our own Deacon Joel’s former Pastor , Rev Orcales to bring the message that day.
Our theme is a Sure Foundation.

We will also have our friend and supporter Evangelist Fred
Broberg to be with us and he will also bring the word the following day.


For five years now we have been doing all we can to bring the word of God to Payatas.
Thousands have heard the word. That’s what we are supposed to
do. We have many professions but that is not our job. Salvation is of
the Lord.
Payatas is changing for the good each day as we pray
consistently for the Government and as we reach out to the community
helping them in so many ways.
Consider that as you remember us here.
Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

Tel: 632 430 8177



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