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September 2010




We had an all
nighter, prayer and fasting on October 1st. The theme was not about us
but about God. We focussed on seeking His will in each of our lives.
Everyone attending experienced getting closer to the Lord.


Last month we had received many boxes from our
supporters and we were able to fix up the place where we live. We were
also blessed through friends so that we could paint our house.

Click to see some pics.

Not shown: we just recently painted the living room. (Hopefully) More to come.


Please pray for:

Upcoming 4th Anniversary on Nov. 7th Our theme is “We shall reap if we faint not.”

Brother Archie Abad from Bethel Baptist (my sending Church) will be preaching.

Pray for the Fellowship Tract team. They have been
providing us with tracts as we need them at no cost to us. We have about
40 + participating each week.

Pray for our Christian School,

Pray for my hand. I apparently broke it and it healed the wrong way. I need to get an xray.



is having a promo to celebrate their ten year
anniversary and so for everyone that donates at least $10 or more to us,
they will also give us $10.
(You must give it through their site for it to apply)

A small gift: +$10

To mark the occasion, thank donors and further our mission to increase charitable giving, starting October 10, we’ll add $10 to every donation made for 10 days.*

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to
raise more money for your work! Announce and extend the offer to your

Provide this special link? ?and
a single donation from each donor will qualify for the additional $10
from JustGive. Donations as small as $10 are accepted.

Your gifts keep this mission reaching out to those in the Payatas community.

Want to know more about PAYATAS? Google Payatas dumpsite.

Hi everyone. I am sorry that we are late but we have been so busy with things.
The Clinic
It’s Autumn or Fall, whatever you call it.
I remember going to Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New
Hampshire and seeing the changing of the colors of the leaves. It is
always so beautiful.
I got to thinking that even that the leaves are actually
dying, it is still so peaceful and beautiful. They are in their last
hoorah, if you will.
This past week we had to shut down the clinic. Even in
the last day we had the poor of Payatas coming out for us to check their
babies or themselves. Even as the changing of the leaves it was
peaceful as we said goodbye to that chapter in our ministry. We have
strived, and accomplished much and now that part has passed. Yet we
still have the Spring to look forward to where all things are once again
become new and fresh and all are hopeful. For those of you who have
helped with the clinic, we want to thank you for a most positive
experience and for the many, many lives that were touched.
PBC celebrated our first wedding this October.
One of our teachers, Sister Alise Calsada married Michael Lee Smith of Michigan. A wonderful time was had by all.
With only a minimum of paperwork snafus we were able to make a legal couple out of them.

The Family

The Kids (mine, Laura and Linda) are doing very well.
Linda is now sounding out words and saying them (reading that is) She is
also doing basic Arithmetic, spelling and she writes pretty darn good.

Laura is doing great in her fifth grade studies. Many
thanks for those supporting her school needs as well as those who have
sent many books for her to read. She goes through a book a week at

Malou is doing well and has had her first hair style in
probably five years or more. She looks great and is very happy. She is
doing a terrific job in the church as well as taking care of our family.
One of our supporters sent seeds and now Malou has a garden which just
may keep our vegetable bill down!

Our young people are doing much better in English at their schools as Malou continues to teach them English.

Thanks for all you do.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Linda and Laura


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