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September 2007

The medical clinic opened with a bang! I hope by now you were able to see the photos of our ribbon cutting ceremony. (Although that part was somehow not captured on film I do believe you might see a scissor in my hand and perhaps a ribbon somewhere. Never-the-less, we opened and had over 60 patients come that day. The funny thing is, I never told anyone except our own people that we were opening so we would not be overwhelmed. Good thing!

Today as I write, I have just come back from our door knocking campaign where God met our goal and went over giving us in excess of 55 people! Praise Him. I told God that we normally have about 24 people door knocking and that unless he gives it to us, it won�t happen. We had other Pastors come with a couple of their people to help us promote Jesus by way of tracts and invitation to the medical mission and were successful in flooding Area �A� with the gospel.

Last week we had a good time in the Lord as I taught the Romans Road to salvation. Our people are very active in sharing the word of God with others.

Our Men�s and Ladies ministries each had their first meeting last week. The men had about six come out. We thought, why Lord? Yet three of the men had never come to Church before and so it was an opportunity to minister. It also was an opportunity to say to the leader that we do not control the outcome of anything. It is in the hand of our God. We propose but God disposes! Of course the ladies meeting went off without a hitch. I believe they had somewhere around twenty for their first meeting.

We have a prayer request of all of you. Please pray that God will give us a leader for the Sunday school and strengthen our teachers for the task. If we had the space and the staff we could have hundreds of children in our S.S. Also, our rent has been increased to 6,000peso per month. That is only $20 but it equates to $100. With the dollar getting weaker and the cost of transferring funds, it is getting harder to make those ends meet. So, please pray that all our supporters will be blessed in their finances and that we may gain some new supporters very quickly.

We are going out in search for a piece of land to build the vision. Mind you, we have no money but yet I believe it is only as we walk toward the goal that we will reach it. Standing here just looking does not bring us closer to it. Please pray that we always recognize the will of our God and react accordingly. How devastating to be outside of his will.

We had two of our Church children come down with the dengue virus. One little boy (Ugoy) was diagnosed 50-50. The little girl (Princess Diana) lay on her bed and looked like death. The prayers went up; and God looked, down and touched those children. Both are doing well, Praise God!

I failed to tell you the story of a man who was recovering from a stroke. He was called Bimbo and he visited our Church on a number of occasions. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior at our prayer time. Two weeks later he went to be with the Lord. Although it was sad that he passed, he was such a nice gentle man, it is so wonderful that we can say, he went to be with the Lord. If it was only for that one soul that we came here, it was worth it, yet so many will be inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven because of your support of this ministry.

It�s funny how God works. The last two months have been terrible for support money yet God has led some generous people to send random love gifts that compensated for our lost. I learn all the time that God is in control.

As I think back to the days trying to get to the field and how the devil tried to stop this ministry each time, I realize that God has always been in control and His will always prevail. Help me Lord to remember that each and every day.

God bless you as you follow His lead,
By His Grace,

Pastor Jack

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