Our Projects

We encourage your support of these projects with any size gift you are able to make. We do ask that you specifically designate which project you are supporting or you may indicate any project or any purpose.


Project: Christmas in Payatas             ACHIEVED FOR 2009&2010&2011&2012&2013&2014&2015&2016

The goal is to supply each child with a new shirt, pants or skirt, footwear  and a toy.
There will be a service for the children and a hot meal with desert.

Children in Payatas have little or nothing to look forward to. When they are presented with a change of clothes and a simple gift it is received with overwhelming joy.

Our plan is to have a time of Biblical lessons, singing and a meal and then to give out the presents.In the past couple of years we have also added Bible contests and Quizzes with prizes!

Shirt = 90p
Pants/skirt =200p
complete meal w/desert 75p
Total per child=440p     x 100 children =44,000p

prizes – 10,000

grocery for the child’s family – 10,000

with bank charges we need to add $100 U.S.

NOTE: This year (2012) we aim to improve the giving. Better clothes, skirts for girls and giving food packages for the children to bring home for their families extending the holiday to their families. Estimated Cost: $1,650 U.S.D.

This year (2013)  we are in need to raise prices as prices have risen all over the world. If you notice the footwear is up to 40,000 pesos. That is because we have a sponsor for the sneakers and he asked that 400p be allocated for each child.
The price will be 2,566.36

This year (2014) we were actually able to get reduced prices along with an increased exchange rate. We will need $1,500 which includes all bank fees/ paypal…


Project: Computer Lab

The purpose is to teach students the use of  the computer, typing, programming, web design
Also for students use to research school assignments.


3  Acer Aspire X1200 – Small Form Factor Desktop CPU @ 17.998p   53,994p
3 Acer X163W Widescreen LCD Monitor @4800p  19,400
1 – Epson Printer @ 5,000p
1 – Router (to connect to internet) = 2,000p
cabinets (to house computers and protect them when not in use) =   5,000p
Misc. cables, connectors, power surge protection

Prices subject to change

Total price= 85,394p or $1765.98 u.s.d. or 2245.62aud
(might substitute equipment for best value)

Project: Camp – Five days in April /May ACHIEVED FOR 2009&2010&2011&2012%2013

We would like to send 50 Children with an additional 25 free to the Word of Life Camp in Laguna.

Special discount: buy 2 get one free.

To see photos of the 2010 camp experience, go here:

CAMP 2010

The Word of life camp in Laguna is Christian owned and operated. Many of the children we send there experience sleeping in a real bed for the first tie in their lives. They also experience eating fifteen meals in a row without worrying from whence the next meal will arrive.

Besides a great time of good, clean, Christian fun and fellowship, the children are discipled through the Word of God by experienced teachers.

Camp is five days and four nights with all meals, lodging, activities and seminars.
Price is 800p per student x 50 =                                                                                     40,000p
(This will include 25 additional kids for free.)

Transportation (round trip)
One bus 60 passenger + mini bus 15 passenger                                                              30,000p

* free T shirt provided with Church logo                                                                              7,200p


Total USD   $1603.82                 AUD  2050.48
* The shirt is provided because many do not even have one uniform shirt and it gives them a sense of togetherness wearing the same shirt.

We no longer sponsor the Word of life trip

Project: Vacation Bible School  ACHIEVED FOR: 2009&2010&2011&2012&2013&2014&2015&2016 &2014

6 Days – Mon – Fri  V.B.S.  –  Saturday is Graduation Ceremony and festivities.

Vacation Bible school is held in April for approximately 100 children.
The VBS kit itself costs $300 usd and needs to be ordered months in advance to prepare by learning the program. It is a project that our people work on for about 6 months to make it a success.

The next cost is the food. We feed the 100+ children and also the staff of about twelve volunteers.
Coupled with crafting materials it comes to 17,000p

Total cost is: 31,495p = $651.86 usa or 827.61 aud

To see photographs form 2009 go here and scroll to Photos : http://escobia225.multiply.com/


Project:  Supply School Supplies for Children for a year – Goal is 100 children total

10 -Notebook =                               110p
1- Writing pad=                                 15p
2- Pencil @7p=                                 14p
1-Ruler =                                          12p
1 eraser =                                          6p      50 kids x 80p =19,000p
1 paste=                                            7p
1 box Crayons=                                24p
Plastic cover  (total for all books)=      12p
1-Backpack/school bag =                 180p

High School
10 -Notebook =                                                    110p
1-Intermediate pad =                                             25p
2- folder @6p=                                                     12p
2- Plastic cover (total for all books)=                       24p          50 kids x 404p =20,200p
1-Colored paper                                                   20p
3- Ball Pen (two black, one red) @6p                     18p
1-Bond paper                                                      15p
1-Backpack/school bag =                                    180p
Total amount to fund:

50 Elementary and 50 High School Students = 39,200p Approx. 810.67 usd or 1030.84 aud


Project:  Our Land and Building need.

There is a lot on the corner, across from our Church that we would love to have.

The cost is $37,00 U.S.D.

We would also like to build a four story building that would be used as a feeding center, medical clinic, sanctuary, classrooms for Sunday School as well as after school programs, livelihood training and offices.

The approximate estimate is $400,000

Our first choice however is a piece of land about 1 &1/2 hectares. We could build  a large Church, School Buildings a medical clinic and a outdoor evangelism court. Cost: $5,000,000


Project: Medical Clinic

We would like to open another Medical clinic near the Church.

We have all the furnishings so what we will need is the beginning Rent,security, Electric,Water and to be able to design the location to meet the specs of the clinic.

This new clinic will be able to help approximately 60 people per day and would allow for a free medical exam and low cost medicines.

The approximate cost is $1,000.00

UPDATE: We have rented the building so our needs now are to stock the meds and set up walls, shelves. New requirement is : $500

UPDATE: The clinic is up and running and we have paid for our stock of meds. Please see our site at:

see our photos at:: http://www.escobia225.multiply.com/photos/album/115

We can use your monthly support to help keep the price of medications down low.

UPDATE:Our clinic had to be turned over to another Baptist group who have more resources to supply Doctors. The work is finished. We were able to operate the clinic for almost 1 year and now someone else will carry on the work.

1Co 3:6  I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.
1Co 3:7  So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.
1Co 3:8  Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.