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Payatas, A Very Holey Place!

One thing you can say about Payatas is that it is a very holey place.

Payatas deadly streets

An accident waiting to happen

No, that is not a typo, it’s the truth. In America we can walk proudly with our heads held high. There is a reason for that. It is because if we fall into a hole and get hurt, we will likely become millionaires.

Here in Payatas, if you fall into a hole it’s just too bad. Break a leg? Pay for it yourself. No money? Too bad, that’s life.

The tragic part of all this is it need not be this way. Money comes into the Barangay and they build a beautiful Barangay hall. Every kingdom needs a King and every King needs their castle. I guess.

Yet what about the poor? What about the people who are the reason behind having a Barangay?

Here it’s like the wild wild west.

One lady wanted her husband arrested for beating her and the kids and they told her it would cost her p300 a prohibitive amount for a poor woman with six children. Why should she pay for protective services? What does the Barangay actually do?

We had a medical mission here with about 28 doctors , nurses and medical assistants fly in from the U.S.A. The Barangay tried to tell us we could not use the covered basketball court after we applied weeks before. After an argument they relented but they refused to supply the tables and chairs they have specifically for such events.

They seem to be in direct opposition to helping the poor in Payatas. There are many holes in their organization

Holes in Payatas

Father and child, walk of death?

No money for the People of Payatas to have a waiting shed but we have a library without books…

Wasteful projects

Bookless Library Project

Wasteful projects in Payatas

The legacy of our leaders. No Substance.

Ironically, in the middle of a Barangay that is known worldwide for being a place of garbage, some place a no littering sign.

Trash is everywhere. People live near, on top of and underneath trash . (even on there roofs) We can now expect it to stop because someone invested money in a sign.

Garbage sign

Litterers Beware!

Finally, even though you may not have a safe place to walk, know ye this; The Barangay people have a beautiful place to hang out and do whatever they do such as planning fences and proposing fines.

Just remember though, God still hears the voice of the oppressed.




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