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Our Sixth Year Report

Our Sixth Year Report

At the end of our six years here in the Philippines I would like to give account for the work that has been done here by the grace of God.

We started preaching the Gospel in a couple of the squatters homes. We fed people that did not eat all the time. We then moved into our present little two story house which we converted to a Church.

We soon filled the building having at times between 60 – 75 and even one time about a hundred children in one large upstairs room. We filled the bottom with about 40 adults. There were times we had them standing outside, sitting on the steps going up and generally squeezing in where they could.

We reached out to the community to show them Jesus in so many ways. We fed them, clothed them, we supplied toys to the kids, we opened two medical clinics had a few major medical missions, we have livelihood programs to help each person to support themselves. It worked.

We teach the children academics because the schools can’t do it sufficiently and it is working. The kids are increasing in their knowledge and grades. We teach them English because at the very least, when they grow up, they will be able to work in call centers and make good money.

We started the music program and now have over twenty five musicians. These kids have gained confidence in themselves and achieve better results in school because of it.

We send so many to camp each year for a week and also have a week long Vacation Bible School in May. We also have a yearly Christmas celebration aand minister to kids who have absolutely no Christmas without it.

Most important, in each thing we do, they see Jesus. We love them all and it shows. Each one can present the Gospel in it’s entirety and do every week. Some of our kids were ten when we started and now at 16 they have graduated into the adult section of the Church. Young men and woman who have become disciplined and Godly and we are so proud of them.

This program is geared to bring Christ to the masses. We lure them in with love. We train them and equip them to deal with the world and not become just another product of their environment. It’s working.

We have one we are putting through college. Next year it will be four more. Only more funding and larger facilities can make this an even better program.

In a few years we will give the jobs statistics and who went on to greater achievement. We already have two that expressed a desire to join the ministry.

We are changing lives here. Not just giving fish but teaching how to fish. It’s working!
Won’t you join with us?

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