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Our Expenses 2012

For those who have expressed to have knowledge of our expenses, I cheerfully provide them for your perusal.

Expenses for Pastor Jack Wilson’s Church and Family. June 20th, 2012
House Expenses:

Rent- p6000
Electric p1200
Subdivision p 350
Water Public p120
Water drinking p 200
Food p10,000
Globe (Telephone/internet) p1300
LP gas P800

Children: Laura and Linda school/music p2,500


Jeep p5000
Fare (Malou&kids) p4000

Total home——————————-p31,470

Church Expenses:

Rent- p6000
Electric p3,800
Water (public) p 150
Water (drinking) p 600
snack(doorknockers) p 600
food Sat,Sun,Wed eve. p3,800
Byantel (phone/internet) p1200
LP gas p800
printer ink/paper p600


Churches: $865.00

Individuals: $550.00

Total expenses———$1,435.00

Total Support ———$!,415.00

Monthly Balance——$ 20.00

I might add that we started in 2006 July 19th with $550 per month.

What is not reflected in this report. Medical expenses, musical instruments, help to feed poor families,
slippers/clothes for the absolute poor kids.

Also not reflected is the occasional surprise donation. God always pays His bills!

God has been faithful. Many missions return home from the field after only a year and one of the major reasons is lack of funding. Most of them, had more than us.

I believe the only way to have a successful mission is to let God control everything and just obey His direction.

We have come a long way and are now seeking to raise $4 million dollars to build a compound which will allow us to minister to multiple thousands in the poorest area of the Philippines.

If you believe we have been good and faithful stewards of our resources, won’t you consider a donation?

God Bless!

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda and the members of the Payatas Baptist Church!

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