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October 2017 update

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Hi! Do you consider that phrase (God is Good) a cliche’? Is it tiring for you? Do you hear it too many times and it is getting on your nerves?
Perhaps your relationship with God needs to be a bit closer.
I never tire of saying God is Good because everytime I turn around He is blessing us in some way.Do you have peace, joy, happiness? These are things money can’t buy yet if you have these and no money, you need nothing else. Focus on loving and appreciating God today to see what I mean. The rest of you already know!
Mini houses for the poor.
We are attempting our most ambitious fund raiser ever. We have people in our Church who live in bad conditions. There is a piece of property which we can buy for P250,000 ($5,000) in which we can we can build 4-6 mini houses. Take a look at this video and if you can help financially, please do but if not, you can help by sharing. That takes almost no effort at all. Thanks.  Click here
Music: One day God told me to start a music ministry. I told Him that I can barely read music, have a terrible voice and can’t play an instrument. He answered and said that I would be fine. So we did.Every day we have more and more interest in music. It brings the kids together in worship and in discipline. We just bought two new ukeleles and four new recorders! Take a look to get an idea: Click here


Our Anniversary: Our 11th Anniversary will be on the first week of November. Pray for the strength of the Church to continue and to grow the way that is in the mind of God.

Christmas Party: Our annual Christmas party for the kids will be December 16. We already have our friends and supporters in N.C. offer to donate the groceries for 100 kids. If you would like to give to this worthy cause:


Lost Supporter: We lost one $50 supporter because he felt he could not support a conservative. If you think Conservatives are ok or more important, if you think the Payatas kids don’t know the difference, please take up the gap.
God wants us all to stand for what is good and right no matter what the consequence.
OUR SUPPORTERS:We love you and pray for you daily. Thanks for all you do and may God bless you as you bless others!
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