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October 2010

until our 4th ANNIVERSARY!

It is so hard to believe that we have been here for four
years now. Actually we have been here almost 4 &1/2 years but we
have been in this building for four years.

Looking back to see our accomplishments I need to only go here
to see our monthly diary since the day we arrived to the present. I
enjoy reading through those adventures remembering the hard trials and
smiling at the blessings.
One only needs to click here to see over 5000 photographs documenting the work accomplished here.

I must admit it has sometimes been difficult being away from
family and friends. The one time I was able to make it back home was to
bury my sister and even then my family did not accompany me. So my
father has never seen my wife or two youngest children.

Yet it has been joyful as we have seen those converted and
grow in the Lord. We have seen so many lives touched and changed and
happy to be together in this Church.
After six months in the new home we finally have a living
room set and a table and chairs. No more eating on the floor. Yea! I
think the best part of being here is being able to appreciate things so
taken for granted back in the States. A couch, a bed, food, even
electricity as “brownouts” are very common.
The very best thing is to be able to touch others in a way
that tells them that God loves them and wants a relationship with them.
It excites me to see the children growing up in the Church
some of who will be leaders in 10 years or so. They are so happy to be
here and to learn and grow.
These years I count out of all I have lived, to be my most
productive and fulfilled and I am happy to have reached this goal and
look forward to many more accomplishments here in Payatas.


We  of course love everyone in our Church and count it a
blessing to be in the family of Christ here. I must however say that the
future of the Church are the children as they are learning from the
ground up so to speak.

One of the boys in our Church was told by his teacher that he
had to attend school late on Wednesdays. He was in tears as he related
the information to my wife and sad because he wants to attend Wednesday
evening services. Malou told him, ” just  pray.” When he went to school
he spoke to the teacher and she said if he did his work he could leave
early. He was so thrilled to know he would not miss a day at the Church.

Another boy found 100 pesos in the street. He brought it to my
wife and told her he wanted to give 20 pesos of it to the Lord. Their
hearts are so precious.

We are currently going door knocking every Saturday and at least
two children accompany each adult as they learn to present the Gospel.
We have approximately 40 people each week

The children here used to say they wanted to work on the garbage
trucks or as  Jeepney drivers when they grew up. Now they dream of
being doctors, nurses, engineers, even a Pastor!

Your support of this ministry is building hope within these children.




Sr. Malou Nov. 3  &  Pastor Jack Nov.19



Christmas for the Payatas Kids



More Blessings

Our friends sent 3 very large Balikbayan boxes filled with clothes,shoes, bags and toys for the poor here at Payatas. Click here for the photographs.


The good news is the price has actually dropped on the Christmas celebration.

We would like to give 100 children a Christmas
celebration which would include a full hot meal with desert, a shirt,
shorts, flip flops and a toy.
All this along with games,contests and the biblical story of Christmas.

Total cost is $698.08 See site for details

That means for $7 you can give a child an enjoyable Christmas.

Won’t you give now? This may be the only Christmas that some of these kids will know.

donate-icon 3

Please write “Christmas” in comments

God Bless! Pastor Jack & Malou, Laura and Linda

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