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October 2008

Tragedy struck and hit my computer blowing the motherboard and although I was able to borrow the money and buy a new computer, my mailing list was trapped on the hard drive. Long story but we are now back in gear.

We have had a fantastic couple of months starting with our medical mission which ministered to about 1000 men, women and children. We fed them all, ministered to them medically (including minor surgeries) and presented each one with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had hundreds of professions of faith.

The blessings continued as I was presented with an air-conditioner for my office (Man that’s cool!) for as they said, “�”�”doing a good job in organizing the event”�”.

There were ten Korean doctors and two filipino dentists. We even had a pop corn machine and a cotton candy machine and face painting! It was wonderful. People were approaching me thanking me for the ministry. I mean someone who had three teeth pulled was thanking me and all I wanted to say was Sorry! It was such a blessing.

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Here is and interesting story to show how God works: I was relaxing at home when I heard a screech and a loud bang. I rushed outside to discover a tricycle (motorized taxi type) had just crashed into my gate. To make a long story short the wife came and said they would pay for the repairs. Some time went by and the repairs weren’t quite finished so my wife and I dropped by their house. They were neighbors only two blocks away from us. The woman cam out holding her baby and the baby had a cleft palette. I told her, “�”�”Would you like to get that fixed”�” and of course she was thrilled. I called my partner in our Medical Mission and he contacted someone we had met from England and again to make a long story short, they agreed to operate on the baby absolutely no charge!

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The Two Faces of Nicole

We had some visitors from Kew Baptist Church in Australia. Paul, Laura and Anna came and interviewed us for a production they are doing on the poor in Payatas.We became close fast. They were able to go to the clinic and take a tour of Payatas and we had the pleasure of Anna staying at our home a couple of days. We really enjoyed their company and hopefully their production will direct some hearts to help support the mission here. I am doubly excited as Laura had offered to professionally redo my video and so soon we will have a nice video up on the website.


Even though my computer quit, God didn’t. Through the experience I started getting into reading more and searching the scriptures harder using all my books. It was a good learning experience and a challenge to let go of the computer a bit.

I got a call from Missionary Roger Riley. He said he had 80,000 tracts and gospels of John/Romans if I could get to Batangas to pick them up. I have no vehicle and my connections were dry so I texted him and told him I would have to decline the offer. I sulked a bit but then told God that I know He didn’t offer me this material to tease me and that I believe He would make a way. Soon after I received a call that Brother Riley would not only come and deliver the material himself but he would preach the service that Sunday! Praise God. I got all those materials and a day off.

Brother Riley showed up with another Missionary named Allan and they were both such a blessing. He also brought me four boxes of N.T.’s printed in Tagalog.

The next day after they left I got another text. “�””�”Do you need some Bibles?”�” “�”Yes, I just ran out”�”�”�”�. Meet me in Quezon City at eight o’clock”�”. I did and he gave me two cases of Bibles, other witnessing tools and a donation. This man depends on his support and he was blessing my ministry. That says much for him.

I have been teaching the members how to present the Gospel plus they have been getting hands on training at the clinic so we just started door knocking a different way. Armed with out Gospel of John/Romans I sent out the teams two by two. I don’t speak Tagalog so I took a group and distributed tracts while the groups went to each house. Fourteen people prayed the sinners prayer and were invited to Church. In each team we have a trainer and a trainee so within a few weeks we will double our teams!

One member of our Church was complaining that he thought he should find another place to live because he was surrounded by Jehovah’s Witnesses. I suggested that this may be the reason that God placed him there in the first place. I gave him a book about the cults and his next report was he is now sharing the word with them and they are listening!

Next Month on November 2nd we will be celebrating our second anniversary. Starting at Sunday School an 9am we will go until 3pm+ so if you are near us, feel free to stop by.

As you are well aware, Christmas is coming and it is at this time giving drops. As a matter of fact, since we have been here we have lost $610 per month in support. With an income of just a hair over $1000 per month to finance our home and our Church, that’s a tough cut. Fortunately, we picked up $630 per month which puts us back to where we started.

So, I would ask to remember us as we serve here. Not so much even for Malou and I but for the kids.

Laura has quickly attacked her 3rd grade level books and is well on the way to reaching 4th grade! SIX YEARS OLD! Can you tell that I am proud? One of our dear supporters sent us (among other things) a bunch of brand new classic books in which Laura took to immediately. She is going through each one. I am so happy for her education. This supporter also gave me a bread machine and as I am writing this letter I am making bread. I love my bread machine. Also, I had been asking God for a scanner. I told no one else and when the box came, in the bottom was a brand new scanner! God hears all and answers all.

We are praying for you all every week that all is going well with you and your lives. We are also praying for next month’s election.

God has a plan and we will not be caught unaware.

God bless you all as you follow Him closely.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

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