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October 2007

Feeding the 5000

Question: How does a ministry do so many things with such a small income?

Answer: God

Two weeks ago I get a text from a Corporation called Proview Global in Ortigas, asking me if we would like their help in having a “Day of fun in Payatas” They wanted to give back to the community and thought a good place to do it was here. We agreed. We would get the place to have it and take care of the devotional end of it and they would do their thing. Their thing was to arrive with a bus of approximately 30 of their staff complete with food, games and gifts for the children. There was anywhere from 3-400 children. Some say there were more. A wonderful time was had by all and all received the Gospel message.

They have already asked if they can come again in December for “Christmas in Payatas”. They said they would provide food, and gifts for up to 500 children. God is so good.

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If that wasn’t enough, we will be sponsoring a medical mission at our Church on the 29th. Beside the clinic that we opened in Area “A”, we will be able to touch lives a little closer to our Church. We also are almost finished and are looking forward to the clinic opening in Banaba, San Mateo. Please pray as we are looking for a location close to our Church to open the next clinic. They open on a low budget and very rapidly become self-sustaining. If you know someone, who would like to sponsor a clinic, or as a group project, the cost is $1,700.00. We are able to share the Gospel with 50 – 80 people per day as well as offer them low cost drugs and free medical check-ups.

One of our supporters in Mira Mesa sent two Balikbayan boxes full of blessings and we were able to give them out to the children and adults. If anyone would like to send a Balikbayan box we can use, gently used clothes (No winter wear as there’s no winter here) toothpaste, brushes, shoes, flip flops, (plastic or rubber sandals) short pants for 3-10 year olds, you get the idea. We have a ton of children that are walking around in ripped clothes and sandals three sizes too big if not broken or taped together. Many of these children have rotten first teeth and toothpaste is not high on the priority list as food.

We were in need of more Bibles and we received notice from the Post Office that we had some packages. Not only did one organization send us Bibles, but TWO! Besides that, another company sent us about 5000 tracts just in time for the day of fun.

We had two ceiling fans donated as well as two chairs for my office by a friend of our Church.

The Church continues to grow and we ask you all to pray for our vision of the PBC Compound. We need the room so that we can minister to the thousands without Christ here.

Problems and solutions:
Our rent was increased $20 per month; we received word from our friends that they will start supporting us with $50 per month! As a Church, we believe that God is our only source of blessings. We work as if it depends on us and laugh when we receive because we know it’s from the Lord.

The first Sunday in November will be our anniversary of our Church. One person has already volunteered to buy the Lechon, all our members will be making pot luck. We will have an updated video of our year in review and we will pledge to go even further this year.

Each month I wonder if I can keep writing these updates. I imagine that I will run out of things to write. Yet God is so good and is using many people to obtain His purposes. Thank you all for being part of this ministry. Keep praying for us as we keep praying for you.

By His Grace,

Pastor Jack Wilson

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