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It’s interesting that Thanks giving comes before Christmas. Perhaps it is because we need to be thankful before we receive. Thant seems to be a new concept. To anticipate the birth of our Lord and to be thankful in advance. We had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family and my assistant Pastor Ben and his family. Food tastes better gave us the best gift of all-Himself and the next best gift is when we give ourselves to each other and to the work.
don’t let the virus get you down. There are plenty of ways to give yourself so you can enjoy both gifts, the one of Christ and the one of doing His workwhen you share it. We are thankful anticipating Christmas because we already know Christ. God Bless!don’t let the virus get you down. There are plenty of ways to give your self so you can enjoy both gifts, the one of Christ and the one of doing His work. God Bless!1 3

EDUCATIONAL MINISTRYWe have ernrolled some more kids in their school modular program. They will recive book and interact with a teacher once a week. The burdon of teaching these kids falls on the parents but many are not able so we do it at the Church. Our volunteer teachrs give a lot of love and patience to thesse kids and the kids thrive because of it.
We also are assisting our High Schooland College students but they are a lot easier to help.

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BOX MINISTRYThis is actually two ministries. The ones who send it and what we do with it.
Our friends have been so faithful that we are able to give out clothes at various points of Payatas as well as incidentals. The people are so appreciativ and of cours, each one gets the Gospel message so it is a great evangelism program.We thank you all for giving. Who knows if someone will get saved through your giving and maybe go on to preach and bring others to the Lord.1 5


Our Laura is continuing her education using the online teaching of University of the Philippines. Her music teacher suggested she join the choir as her skills are exceptional. Unfortunately, they require a certain amount of  credits before she can join.
In the meantime she is sharing all she learns with our musicians and they are working on theeir Christmas Cantata. I wish you all couls come but I will post a video on my next update.


I can’t believe we are here 14 years. Seems like not too long ago we had Linda in a cradle ans Laura was knee high, boarding the plane to come here.
that’s over 168 updates and you can find #1 to the present (as I update the page)
We had a great day celebrating God’s gift to us.

In this season of quarantine and distancing I will not say much except thank you for giving the kids a Christmas again this year.


Our feeding program continues as we are now feeding all the students and anyone else who wanders in. We also maintain Saturday and Suday feeding and we operate a small pantry to help those who really need it. Pray for the hungry.


For 14 years we have served with little personal improvements. We would love to buy a house but we continue to rent. We are in dire need of a car that’s less than 30 years old and would not need repairs everyweek. (It is awaiting the mechanic as I write)There are things we can only wish for.
I don’t say this to complain but to illustrate the situation.
I would ask if you are thinking about supporting us monthly to please do so now and click the donate button. You can also click it to give a one time gift.
God Bless , Thanks to all our supporters and have a warm Christmas and a Godly,prosperous New Year!




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