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November 2017 Update

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My Christmas recollections.

Christmas for me, has many great memories. As a small child in Brooklyn, I couldn’t wait for my father to take us to get the tree. He would wait until Christmas Eve in hopes of getting the best deal. I remember him arguing about the tree costing $5. He, my brother and I would then carry it home and decorate it. Mom was in charge of the tinsel because the men were sloppy. Pop put the lights up and the star on top and we kids would put all the decorations and candy canes on the tree.
God gave us a great family. That night we would sing songs and my favorite was silent night. Never did I think that I would eventually get saved, become a missionary Pastor and move to a place without snow.
Even still, we have a wonderful Christmas with the Church and at home with the family. We are making memories praising the One responsible for the season.


On December 16th we will have our 11th annual Christmas party for 100 poor kids in Payatas.
Each year we give 100 kids a PBC shirt, a pair of pants for the boys and a skirt or dress for the girls. They also get footwear, toys, games, prizes and a nourishing hot meal with desert. When we can afford it, we send a small bag of groceries to each home for their own Christmas dinner.

This wonderful time is provided by the generosity of our friends and supporters.
If you feel led to give to this great cause and opportunity for new kids to hear about Christ, please send your donation to: donate-icon 2

Many thanks to our friends in North Carolina for supplying the groceries.

We have a new supporter from Florida who God has led to send us many boxes with clothes and food and things from soap to toothbrushes. What a blessing!

Click on the photo to see the video.

We received another box from our friends in Canada.
What blessings.

The above video was made by our friend’s brother. What a great, professional job by a great guy!
EDUCATION The report card time is here and we are so thrilled with the results shown by the students we have been teaching. The grades are going higher and higher. Praise God!
We have one student going into the 3rd year of college, one going into the 2nd year. Two more are going in this coming year and a few more the following year. Our 20 year plan is working
Our Annual Sports fest

Our church had their annual sports fest where they had all kinds of competitions as well as good food and bonding. We have a loving family Church who enjoys being with each other.
Click the Photo for more

Housing for the poor

We are trying to raise $5,000 to buy land on which we can eventually build mini housing for a couple of our poor. We have about half of it already.



This Christmas, won’t you think about helping the poor? There is no more needier place than Payatas
Click here to see what we work with.

Merry Christmas everyone. May God bless you just as you have blessed others.

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