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November 2015



This has to be the first time in nine years that I have forgotten to write a Newsletter.
We have been so busy here at the Church that I haven’t had time to sit down and think. Do you ever get that way?
Sometimes we get so involved with the work that we do, that we may
just a little, forget that God has it all under control and we are being
much too serious as helpers in God’s work. I am not saying we do not
need to do anything because God has chosen us to do His work. We just
need to remember that it is God who goes before us to get it done.

With that said, we spent a lot of time trying to raise money for the
9th Annual PBC Kids Christmas Celebration and for the first time in nine
years, we did not make the goal.

It makes you start to question about whether or not you did it right
or worked at it hard enough but then, we look to the first paragraph
where we said it is God’s doing and He has it all under control.

Of course we love the kids here so much and with that comes an
intense desire to show them Jesus both with teaching and our own actions
that show the love of Jesus through us.
These kids would never have a Christmas at all if not for our hard work and people giving donations.

OOOOOPS!!! Did I just say that? I think the fact that I forgot this Newsletter was a lesson to be learned and not a mistake.

God showed me that it wasn’t our hard work nor the donations as he
made it all work out. Somehow, we were able to do all the things
necessary to put on the Christmas Celebration and all went wonderfully!
I will put photos in the December letter which I will hopefully remember in two weeks.
So, as you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off,
worrying about how you will get things done, remember to focus on God as
He will order your steps and give you the best path.

The lesson I have learned from all this is to work the work God has given to you. Work it, as if it depends on you
but when all is said and done, realize that God is the one that provides the outcome and His way is excellent.
So from our house to yours,
Thank you for all you do in God’s name.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed year to come.


Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda







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