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November 2013


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Are You Thankful?
As you are sitting here reading this
does your belly still feel full from that sumptuous meal that you had? I
try very hard to  associate our rituals with the actual meaning of the
Holiday we celebrate. Take Thanksgiving for instance. Are you thankful?
Those that own nice houses and new cars. Those who send their children
to good schools and get to shop for all the needs of the house. Those
who have good jobs and good health and a wonderful life.

However, what do you thank God for when you are poor? I thank God
because my focus is not on the things of life but on the things of

Mat 6:19  Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where
moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
Mat 6:20  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where
neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break
through nor steal:
Mat 6:21  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

For me, the blessing of having, is being able to help others. As I
sit here with less than $20 to my name, and so far , with only two
weeks to go, we only have $50 in donations for the Children’s Christmas
Celebration that we have every year, my focus is not on what I don’t
have. My focus is on what others do not have.

We just lost another supporter who gave us $200 a month and if I
were to say that we don’t notice the loss, I would be lying but what
really bothers me is this person is such a loyal and Godly supporter who
loved our work and his heart was to give. His financial situation kept
him from continuing support.

I am thankful for all the Lord provides for us. Our food, (Yesterday we enjoyed a Turkey dinner at our good friends house)
our clothes, mostly our beautiful family as well as my wonderful Church
family. God is Great! If you give me more money, I promise to give it
away to help more people to see Jesus!

Don’t forget! Jesus suffered and died for us. Not for his problems
did He suffer but ours. Can you say that you SUFFER for others?



We don’t know what God will do. We do know that 100 kids will show up to the Church on December 14th at 9am

We will have Bible quizzes, a Christian play, Christian music played by our own PBC musicians.
As far as the Christmas meal, it may be reduced from a hot meal to
koolaid and a cookie. Their may be no clothes or prizes and a toy but
we will give everything we have to give these kids a nice christmas.

Will you help?


Instead of having our Seventh Anniversary we decided to celebrate
our salvation instead. Each one brought a pot luck dish. Our artisans
used recycled paper goods to create decorations and we had a great time
of fellowship with music and testimonies. It was so wonderful to hear
the praises of our people as they testified to their own personal growth
and development and that of their families.


Our Church children brought in their report cards and they were
all up in their grades. We are thankful that God has allowed us to be a
part of their developing skills that will take them away from this
The one thing they all have learned proficiently is to share the
gospel of Jesus Christ to their neighbors. What a rush to walk down the
street with 65 people who then spread out to witness to the community. I
am so thankful!


Our own Pastor and Mrs Bong Velasquez decided to add to the growth
of the Church their own way so on the 21st of November, little Othniel
was born into the church. See, some say into the world but we won’t have
any of that!


I say very special because Pastor Jerry Anota was the first one to
come and help start PBC back in 2006. He has moved to the area and
wanted to come back to the place he first loved.
Welcome Pastor Anota.


As we approach Christmas we wonder, will be able to buy our own
children a gift. In America we never had that problem but here, without
enough support, it is a real problem. We also need to get the school
books for Laura and Linda. With shipping and all, it comes to about
$500. We have a car that is repaired every single week.
Our Church needs supporters also. To be able to have things such
as the Christmas Celebration and Camp and VBS and our Music programs and
so much more.
Mostly we need you. Not just your money but drop us an email, ask a
question, see how we are doing. I once said that most people would
forget us six months after we leave to go on the field. I was wrong.
Most forgot in two months.

They say (whoever they are) Out of sight, out of mind. So for that reason, here ya go!


We pray that you are so blessed as you bless others.


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