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November 2010

Once again November has come and gone.
You may ask “What is the
significance of November?” Well, other than Thanksgiving and elections
it is also my birthday. So it is very special to me every time I get to
say, “I’m still here.” So far, I have said it 58 times. (A little
garbled the first couple of years)
I am sure you are saying,  ” I
have the same circumstances and have seen the years pass one at a time
also. So I will ask you this. Are the latter years better than the
earlier ones? Is it getting better all the time? I sure hope it is for
you because it sure is for me.
You might wonder in a
downward economy how it could be better. When I came here the dollar was
56-1 and now it is 43-1,  yet God gave us more supporters and we have
actually seen a bit of a raise despite the crisis.
When I came here my health was worse and now I am stronger these almost five years.
My relationship with my wife
is at an all-time high, the kids are growing and are such a blessing and
the church is exploding in it’s population.
The eagerness of the Church members to make this the best Church they ever belonged to is great.
Our fourth anniversary was wonderful. Our people said it was the best one yet.
All in all, I may not be rich, handsome or famous but I am so very happy to be serving God in this place.
When you do what He wants, you cannot help but to enjoy what you are doing.
I pray that all of you are as fulfilled in your lives as you focus on our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.
As I said, our 4th
anniversary seemed to be the best. This year,s theme was taken from the
book of Galations – Gal 6:9  And let us not be weary in well doing: for
in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
Brother Archie Abad
from our sending Church delivered a powerful message. He was accompanied
by his lovely new wife, Rachel and together they taught the children’s
Sunday school upstairs.
Once again the crowd was so big we had to take the kids down to the covered area to make room.
CLICK for the photos.

Door Knockers
We are consistently
getting over 50 door knockers every week. I am amazed at the dedication
of these people. The younger ones are teaming up with the older ones to
learn to better present the gospel and that is forging a bond between
young and old which will not be soon broken. Not only is Saturday door
knocking and Sunday service full but Sunday and Wednesday evenings are
crowded also. The excitement level is wonderful.
Last month we asked
you to help by donating to the Christmas celebration for the Payatas
kids. Well, thank you! I believe it was less than a week that we raised
more than enough for the party. It was so much that the children will be
upgraded on the gifts and meals. They will also receive flip flops,
shirts and shorts and toys. Thanks so much for caring for these kids.
You are changing their lives.
Church children are very well behaved. They keep the area outside of
the Church spotless. This includes in front of the neighbors houses.
However, our next door neighbors are Mormons and they have been
complaining about the kids. Using excuses such as they should not be in
the road playing (although all the kids in the community play there
also) or the kids are too loud.  I feel these are all excuses because
the kids are not Mormons. We have had no complaints from anyone else. We
do want to be good neighbors and so please pray that we can build the
compound which will help us to reach out to so many more in the
We look forward to celebrating the birth of our Lord
Jesus next month. I have heard many say they now cringe when they think
of the money they will need to spend on Christmas.
We too think of giving our own children a nice
Christmas. Our kids do not receive gifts as they do in the States. As a
matter of fact, usually their Christmases are like a Little house on the
Prairie episode. Will you consider joining with us this year?
We are looking for many supporters that will help us
with this ministry. For as little as $1.25 a week which is $5 per month
you can be a partner in changing lives in this ministry
donate-icon 2
Click the donate button to begin your monthly or one time gift.
For all that have helped the ministry this year, our heartfelt thanks.
God Bless you all and Merry Christmas.
Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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