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Morality Check – Basis for Reference

Let me ask you something, Do you have a morality reference book?
What I am saying is, how do you know what is right or wrong?
Now I am sure , growing up you were taught things by parents and other friends and relatives and they may or may not have been correct.
Mom may have taught you not to hurt anyone for no reason. Dad might have said, treat your wife good.
Your friend Charlie might have said it is Okay to cheat on your wife if you feel you no longer love her.
Who is right? You might have answered, Mom and Dad was right and Charlie was wrong. At least I hope you did.
Char;es Mansion ordered deaths of innocent people, Bernard Madoff ripped off people for Billions of Dollars. Did they believe that was OK? You might say Manson was a nut but wasn’t Madoff also? Isn’t it beyond the norm to cheat people?
How can you tell without a rule book?
What about Homosexuality, abortion, Transsexualism, adultery?
Years ago we would have said no to all of them but today more and more are saying its fine. What has changed?
Instead of going to Church, reading the Bible and becoming productive men and women in society many have turned to “self morality” It is the I think, I believe, I hope, I reason, I guess. That last one really sums it all up. After all, what is your personal knowledge without an intelligent source? A Big fat guess!
Would you get in your car and go on a long trip with no money and no map? Ridiculous you say?
Than why do you go through life wondering if there is a heaven or a hell. Will I be sentenced to hell? Is there punishment for sin? Then you answer it, “Well I hope or I think” C’mon, that is the most foolish thing I have ever heard.
For Six thousand years men have studied the Word of God for all truth? All the above things are in there. The book was written over that period by about 40 or so writers separated by time and miles yet all their writings fit together as if they all sat there and wrote it together at one table.
Hundreds of prophecies have been fulfilled, miracles attested to and the Greatest, Jesus has been attested to not only by friends but by His enemies.
His miracles, claims to be God and all his actions can be seen in His Holy Bible.
If morality comes from my head it is on;]ly one man’s morality but if it comes from the Bible it is Universally God’s.
Do you have a better Answer?

pasteThis is a great sign and almost true. It should read, Personal morality could be doing WHAT SEEMS to be right regardless of what you are told. When I was three we had a gas on coal stove with a side arm hot water heater. My parents told me over and over that it was hot. Despite being told, I did what I felt was right. I touched it, burnt myself and found a new right.

It also should say FAITH is doing what you are told no matter what you THINK is right.

Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

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