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May Update 2022

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Have your May flowers blossomed?
When I think back to my youth, May was the turning point. When we went out to play the first thing I did was to remove the jacket Mom made me wear. I would see the Daffodils, Crocus’ and Hibiscus blooming. The smell of spring was in the air.
We have been “watering” our flowers (kids) here. It has been a long winter with lock-downs and no school, but we still survived, praise God. We were able to teach them and feed them and instill in them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and now, they are blossoming.
We had our first VBS that we have had in two years. Click the links to see the joy that these kids have.     youngest        middle 1 3   Oldest          

Pr ices are outrageous!
Not only is gas out of hand, but our food prices are very high. 1 6 My medicine is about $200 a month. When the income stays the same the outcome is not too good. We can use more supporters.
With that said, we thank God for those supporters in the U.S., Canada and Australia who have given us funds and FOOD PACKS that we were able to distribute in our local area. God bless you all.


One of our supporters visited with us. She came with her husband, niece and the niece’s husband who is a Pastor in Cavite. He had a stroke but is still running his Church. Take a minute please and pray for Pastor Jun’s complete recovery.

Sister Evangeline and her group was such a blessing to meet with. So enjoyable to see someone from back home.1 10

Schools are opening Face to Face Monday and Tuesday, so our people are now teaching Wednesday to Friday.
They are still getting two meals per day.

Door Knocking and Visitation is in high gear as 0ver 50 people go into the community to spread the word! 1 4

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Salvation & Baptism

We rejoice as two more people have repented & accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. They have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost! Praise the Lord.

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