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May 2018 Update

IpbcemailheaderWhat Brought You To Christ?
What brought you to Jesus?

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There is no difference from
the Good Samaritan or a
Church that helps.

It was 1970. I was just shy of being 18 years old and a friend brought me to a coffee shop where a goofy looking kid asked me to play chess. I accepted and we spoke about Jesus. I had been spoken to by my boss and his wife previous to this. They quoted scripture and gave me chick tracts. My boss told me I should read the Bible. I did and I asked Jesus into my life.
Go back 12 years. I went to a catholic grammar school and there was a crossing guard who invited me to her Church to see a movie about Jesus. This same year I frequented a grocery store which had the daily bread on the counter. The man said, ,”Go ahead, take one, they’re free.” There are many ways to introduce someone to Christ.
In our Church, one young lady came years ago because she wanted to learn to play the guitar. She learned the guitar and the violin but more importantly, she learned to come to Jesus. Another came for our Christmas party Today she is a fine Christian woman. Others came for an education.
What I am trying to say is people see that we reach out to them in various ways and embrace the Christ we promote.
I recently went to the doctor for my cataracts. She wanted P400,000 to fix both eyes. That’s $8,000. So many Filipinos go blind because they have no way to pay these fees.
I searched the internet and found a Catholic hospital which offered the same services for P3.500 per eye. That’s about $70! The doctor told me he was embarrassed that I came to the Philippines to help the people and gave 12 years of my life and I had to travel so far to get help. It is a 2 hour ride.
This is my point. Why wasn’t there a Baptist Hospital offering help and Jesus at the same time? Jesus said “Let your good works shine. Our Church offers so many things to help the poor. We also had two medical clinics but we have not seen others doing it.
Perhaps it’s time Christians start thnking of others and not building giant Churches. Let people meet Jesus through your shining works.
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Church ministries work

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Church ministries work

Many thanks to VFN for their generous supply of Balikbayan boxes filled with supplies to help meet the needs of the poor!

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It’s That Time Again!

We are again raising $500 for school supplies for the children returning to school.
Have you ever gone to school (Or your children) without the proper supplies?
I bet most of you have not. If you did, you would feel the shame of being poor.
Please help by sending what God has put on your heart to give.

Many thanks to our wonderful supporters who unselfishly have supported this ministry. Please know that every one of you are in our prayers.


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