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May 2015

29 May 2015         
Life is about education. From the time
we are born we are learning and how we are taught designates how we
will eventually live on our own.

Poverty and despair has been taught here in Payatas for years and
they have done a good job at it as thousands repeat the destinies of
their fore fathers.

God called us here to change all that. The first order of business
was to educate everyone we could about our Saviour and His desire to
save them.

After they received Christ (also before) we started training them
in Academics. They would bring us their lessons and we taught them a
week ahead of time so by the time the teacher started teaching, they
already knew the lessons. That worked and we have their report cards to
prove it. With sometimes as many as 80 kids to a class, our specialty
tutoring gives them the edge that they need.

we have kids from Kindergarden up to college.

In the main body of this letter we will focus on the education of these children.


Satan is the music thief. He was constructed as the Bible says
with tabrets and the ability to make beautiful music but his downfall
killed that.

I walk into Church before the service and hear our people singing
and praising God with their voices and musical instruments. I actually
have to stop them so we can begin. There is nothing like it and they
learned it all at PBC.

Music changes the way we feel and when we direct music to the Lord it draws us even closer to Him.

Statistics show those who are involved with music have a 50% better chance to graduate college.
It teaches discipline and obedience.


Life is about Education -“Pro 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

We have been raising funds to get school supplies for 50 kids that do not have any.

We have 5 kids who need uniforms as they have never been to
school before. Our people spend time to register these kids. It’s not
easy because many do not even have birth certificates but the Principals
now recognize us at PBC and take our word when we say we will take care
of it. So off to the NSO office to go through the
bureaucratic nonsense so these kids can prove they are who they are.

“We stand in the gap between these kids and the world and God give us strength for these kids to win this battle.

We needed $26 for 5 uniforms and $650 for school supplies for 50 kids bringing it to $676.00

With 2 days left to go we now need $303!

Did I mention that the majority of these kids are saved which makes
them YOUR little brothers and sisters. If you can, send something:

Our Music is Spreading!

How does music spread you might ask? It spreads by mentoring, sharing and teaching each other.
Our music ministry which started with one guitar now has about 16!
We have 12 violins, 3 Ukuleles, 5 keyboard players, 13 recorder

But now we have two different Churches who send some of their
young people to learn and they are doing great. We pray they will teach
others also to change the way Churches relate to Christ as being
praiseworthy and not just someone who caters to our needs.

We will be playing in San Mateo on the 5th of June and at Don Antonio on 28th of June.
Pray for our musicians.

By the way, we have made good friends with a couple in Maine. He
is a Luthier (One who makes Violins) He first donated one, then we got
another two and now he says he and his wife want to give us another two!
Here is the catch. We need violin mules. Unlike drug mules, this
is perfectly legal. Our missionary friend brought the first one and
another brother coming on a missions trip brought the other two. They
just either carry it on or put it in baggage.
So the Question is:
If you are, would you be willing to bring a couple of violins to
us? We will meet you to get them and also if there is an additional
charge for bags we will pay. (there hasn’t been so far)
Please let me know:

Many thanks to all of you who have helped this ministry. we appreciate all that you do.
To become a partner with us go to:

On the left hit subscribe and on the right, choose your monthly payment or one time gift.
God Bless!
Pastor Jack Malou, Laura & Linda

Tel: (632) 4308177

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