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May 2009

What Are You Doing?

What Have you been doing?

We are all part of the body of Christ. Each and everytime you support this mission in Prayer and finances it is the same as being here yourself.

Jesus says what you do, you do for Me.

Believe it or not I sit here sometimes wondering how you all are doing. I know it is a difficult time right now in the States but God is good and we always come through it shining.

As I began to think what you were doing I thought about how your help with this ministry has affected us. I don’t say that lightly. Because of you we eat, we have a place to live, clothes on our back. It is because of you that this ministry operates and so; vicariously, any thing we do is by your hand.

I wish you could all come and visit us here and see first hand what you are doing but in the meantime, please accept our sincere thanks for being our partners and doing the things that you do. May God bless you, your families, in every good thing that you do.


In a matter of just a few days, you are sending 75 kids and counselors to camp. Although you may think these kids will have a ball, and they will, it’s so much more than that. For some, it will be the first time they slept in a real bed, swam in a real pool, ate 15 meals in a row without missing one. They hear the word of God and in many cases it changes their lives forever.

All this and more. What you have done will stay with these kids for life.


Laura says “Thank you very much.”

Laura’s school books arrived thanks to you. She got right on the schoolwork and is enjoying it immensely. We appreciate those of you who realize that your partnership makes things happen

You are holding a V.B.S. with over 100 Kids!

Each year you have a v.b.s. and had over 100 kids. This year (May 18-23 ) will be another time that you provide biblical themes, arts, crafts, instruction in righteousness. These times effect both children and parents. We are sure you will have another great time this year.

You are reaching 100’s every week in our medical clinic!

Our medical clinic ( God’s Grace Medical Assistance, Inc. [] ) has been reaching out and touching our community of Payatas by not only bringing them free doctor services and the lowest cost medicines but providing them with the Gospel so that 100’s are hearing the word every week thanks to you.

Signs of Growth

Our youth and teen population is exploding. Our adults are increasing every week. Today there was not one place to sit as all the seats were filled and we had people fill the staircase and sit on the floor.

This is what you do. You have built a vibrant Church here in the Payatas that is reaching out to the community. We thank you for all you do and we pray you will continue with us as God expands our coasts.


God Bless!

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda


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