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May 2008

I am thoroughly convinced that no matter what, if we obey Him He will bless us.

The economic crisis in America does not have to be felt by Christians. I know many that still have good jobs and are paying their bills. I believe that reason is because they put God first and they refused to compromise.

If you have put Him first in prayer (not whining but praising) every morning, are reading His word and are doing His will, you have nothing to fear.

Our support has been down. Some have stopped giving, some have cut the support down, the exchange rate is bad, yet others have come forth with even larger gifts, and new supporters have come on board. God is in charge of this operation and it has been thrilling to watch Him work.

We had our second Vacation Bible School and you can go to and see about six hundred wonderful photos of the best VBS (out of two) so far! We broke last year�s record with 107 children.

Through the generosity of a supporter, we were able to send 15 kids along with my wife, to Word of Life camp in Laguna in which many photos of that event is on file.

We just began the month, May 1st, Labor Day with a wonderful Church excursion to Monica�s resort where we had a wonderful baptism service and a day of fun. (Photos soon to be up)

We have received Bibles from Cross Ministries and as I write I have been informed that there are three boxes waiting at the post office (which I expect are more Bibles) and another couple of boxes on their way from supporters. We received 100,000 Tracts from the generosity of Precious Seed Ministry. And a few more thousand are on there way from Fellowship Tract League.

These are the tools of our trade that God is so generously supplying.

It seems the less money we receive the more we are blessed! (Don�t get the idea to help us to be blessed by not sending though!

I have been starting to feel the pressure of working without rest. Except for about four or five Mondays, I have not taken off since we came here almost two years ago. With no money to take a rest, I just kept praying. God sent another missionary who said God gave him me as a mission and he is taking me to the beach for three days!

It is not easy here by a long shot, but souls are always being saved and people are being ministered to. If this was a money making corporation we would be in the fortune 500 for lives changed!

We still need a washing machine, stove and a vehicle for the family. Our big prayer item will be the ability within the next year to visit our family in the U.S. as well as our supporters. Please pray for us to that end.

You are all in our prayers, your well being is important to us and we would love to hear from you.

May God bless you as you unselfishly do His will.

Ptr Jack & Malou Wilson, Linda and Laura say Hi!

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