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May 2007

Hi Everyone,

Here is our May update.

The blood dripped down my face as I very painfully was being helped to my feet.

I was disoriented as I heard a woman say to me, �Do you want to go to the hospital�. The pain was so bad that I quickly responded, �Yes�. �What happened,?� I asked as I was being helped into a car. You blacked out. We watched as you went to pass a truck and then saw another oncoming vehicle so you pulled back behind the truck. It seemed like you stopped the bike and fell over. And so, that is the account of a recent accident I survived by the grace of God. I now know always wear your helmet and drink plenty of fluids on hot days! Duh! I was fortunate to escape with bruised ribs, arm, leg and a cut on the head.

You wonder why God allows these things to happen and yet just two days later it happened to another Pastor friend of mine as he crashed into the back of a car after passing out.

I was a able to give a testimony at the hospital when they asked if I had diabetes and high blood pressure I got to tell them loud so everyone in the room could hear! (See our �updates� page at the site for that story)

What I did not realize was that the hospital would not work on me without payment first and the couple, who brought me to the hospital, paid my bill. I of course paid them back (which cut into the budget quite a bit) but these people stayed with me, retrieved my bike and made sure that I was ok. They spent a few hours with me even though they had to get ready for their son�s party.

By the way, the bike is fine, I cushioned it�s fall! ?

Now you can see the plight of the Filipino in Payatas. My wife lost her father and sister because of not having money for medical treatment.

I belong to an Organization called Christservices, Inc. Our group seeks to help the plight of the Filipino while bringing them the good news of the Gospel. This is a brand new organization and our first project is to open up a health clinic. We will have a doctor on staff to give free check-ups and a pharmacy where we can supply medicine at half the cost of the commercial stores. Also, this will allow us to give jobs to our people who need them and to inform all who come to the Pharmacy about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Note: although Christservices may at times help our Church as well as others, funding for Christservices comes from sources outside of our Church.

The other day I was browsing the internet checking to see how our website was ranking when I ran across a Church site in New Jersey. They said they were going to Payatas on a medical mission in July. They also said they supported our Church. So I sent a letter to the Pastor and said that although I would love the support, I don�t recall any. He explained that he went to Payatas in January and it touched his heart. He took on a couple of Pastors at that time and then he searched the internet for other Churches doing work in the area. When he saw our site he decided to take us on but the person who made the site put it on prior to our being told. Praise the Lord! God takes care of His people.

Btw, we have hit 48.7% of what we need to go to the Philippines! Isn�t it great that God encouraged us to go even though we had no money to do it? To date, 162 people have been saved as well as all the good things that have been happening. I found out (after 54 years) that no matter what anyone says or does, no matter how much or how little you have, as long as you give God all the glory and work in faith towards the goal that He gives you, it will happen!

The children�s room is almost totally done in murals. As soon as it is finished we will get someone to take photos and post them.

By the way, we have a phone and answering machine in the office. The number is (632) 430-8177.

We have a retired Pastor who has been coming to our Church and Praise God, he plays the organ! God supplies all our needs!
The Church in N.J. that just took us on will be here on July 4th and 5th (in Payatas) for medical missions. They will have 40+ people as well as some Pastors and others from Manila. We look forward to working with them as they seek to help those in need in Payatas.

We also had someone sponsor 22 young people for summer camp! This is incredible as these children have so little, this will help them so much in their Christian walk.

Also we are planning our Vacation Bible School in May. We have set a limit of 77 children as space is in short supply. Please pray for our vision. (See and click on Proposed Plans)

May 6th is our membership Sunday. We will be signing our Church covenant and baptizing those who wish to follow Christ in the waters of baptism.

All in all it is a very exciting time for us here and those of you who have supported us, this is your moment as it is because of your obedience to our Lord that these things are happening. Yes, He can use anyone but we are so glad He has used you. You are always in our prayers.

May God Bless you as you continue to serve Him, Pastor Jack Wilson

PS: We still are in need of a camera. If you have one your not using, please send it to us! We also need $750 for a piano, flooring (linoleum) upstairs and down, $200 to construct our dirty kitchen, We are trying to finish this place because we believe as we are good stewards here, He will grant us the next place!

Payatas Baptist Church
Pastor Jack Wilson

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