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March UPDATE 2022

      Payatas Baptist Churchsuccess 5

What is Success?

Success is many things to many people. Cars, houses, boats, large bank accounts, impressive careers…
The Bible says we have two main goals: Luk_10:27  And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.
I saw a commercial which asked -At the end will you be sorry for the things you did not buy or,the places you did not go?
Really? Mine would be, I wish I would have done more to serve God and man.

DOOR KNOCKING    1 Our Church was out of sorts when door knocking stopped. We snuck in different ways to share the Gospel but the joy we had by going out en masse was not there. Now we are back stronger than ever. We have broken down into groups with 1 or 2 adults leading each group, then teens and finally the littlest ones. Everyone shares. Door knocking has caused some of our littlest ones to ask, “How can I get saved”? What a joy for all of us. Pray for the children as we share with them.

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Music is the backbone for all they learn at PBC.    Accomplishing an instrument or succeeding in the choir causes them to excel at Biblical knowledge as well as door knocking skills. It also helps their success in Education.

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We gave out Two Violins and Three Guitars to new students, last week. Because of our mentoring program of musicians tutoring newbies our musical talent keeps growing and the success of the church is multiplied!

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1 5   Once again we gratefully extend thanks to our supporters who have donated one time amounts or every month. Thanks also to those who send boxes. Also,Those who give money so we can buy food.

We were able to feed many as well as giving out boxes of clothes at the covered court.

So many families have been helped through your generosity.


We have a education rewards program. We motivate students to have great grades.
5 Students received p100 ($2 u.s) 4 sudents received a Jollibee lunch and 3 students recived a Kenny Rogers lunch.
Many more students are now working hard to obtain their goals! 4 College students are being enrolled for their 2nd semester.
Online module classes. The teachers are working hard to teach and to feed the students. They receive 2 meals per day. This also takes the stress off their parents.



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