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March 2018 Update

Missionaries are leaving the Philippines
I was shocked the other day when I was speaking with the woman at our mission agency, to find out that 50% of their missionaries have returned home.

So many missionaries start off as lions but like the month of march, leave as lambs.

lion 2

Why is that? They say it’s money but I don’t believe it is. We came here with $550 per month to run our house and start a Church and it was not easy. We are now approaching our 12th year and we don’t have more than $1,300 per month but yet we still continue on.lamb 2

I attribute our longevity to a few things. #1 We were really called by God and since the beginning we have put everything in the hands of the Lord. We trusted that if He called us he would bring us and He did.

2nd When times got tough we hung on to that fact that God would bring us through it and He did. Every time. 3rd We developed such a love for the people it would mean we would be abandoning them if we left. After all, the poor are able to survive why can’t we?

I believe many people have a desire to become a missionary but it is their own will and not from God and when it starts getting tough they flee. We have no home to own, a beat up 27 year old put together car, no pension, no health insurance and yet He sustains us. All glory and honor and praise to our Lord!

MY Medical Condition
I went to the doctor the other day and he actually reduced the amount of meds that I am taking. I owe that to my wonderful wife that keeps watching what I eat.
I also need  cataract surgery. I have what they call a diabetic cataract which is a squiggly line instead a round spot. It is a little more difficult to remove. Please pray as the cost will be around $600.
Blessings from the U.S.A.
We are so blessed as our wonderful friends keep sending Balikbayan boxes filled with       wonderful things.1 They are getting stuff
they could not afford to buy in stor es and much of the stuff can be used in our VBS. Much thanks to our Canadian as well as our Floridian friends at VBN.




Also, One of our Brethren in Kuwait sent money twice for a special feeding for the PBC Kids!

Click here to see the Baptism of Nimfa!

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It’s that time again to introduce 100 kids to Christ using our 5 day VBS (Vacation Bible School)
This is something that cost us hundreds of dollars in the past but because we use the programs we bought for the first ten years, over again and because of the blessings being sent to us we reduced the total cost to $300. That is a small price to introduce 100 kids to Christ. Would any one or a few of you like to donate to that need?

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Before I go I would like to introduce you to a new social marketing platform called It is completely Christian. For those of you who would like an environment that will not attack your Christian beliefs, here it is. It’s free. Just click on the photo and sign up.
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