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March 2015

School Days, School Days, dear old golden rule days

You might say, “Why are you singing about school when it’s almost summer vacation?”
Well, that’s because school starts in April here in the
Philippines and unlike back home, these kids are so excited about it.

Perhaps it’s because many are not able to go as they are helping
to earn an income for the family. Sounds like the U.S. a hundred years
ago, doesn’t it?
Some just don’t have money for things like supplies or lunch…
Two little girls who have been coming to Church had no birth certificates and so they could not register for pasteschool They live with their infirmed GrandFather and the mother is off with another
family so they had no one to help them with the system.
PBC to the Rescue!

We did what it takes and got their birth certificates and were
able to register them in school. When they were brought to the building
the little one looked up to see how big it was and said, “Is this my
school?” What a joy to tell her YES!

I am so glad for our industrious members who have the ability and
stamina to run this rat race and to make things happen. Also, all praise
to our God who gives us all things we need to do His work.

Now we have three more, ages 11, 9 & 8 they have never been to
school. They have no birth certificates. We will be working to register
them today! All this paper work costs money and their parents don’t
have it. It all comes out of our budget.

Linda and Laura’s Education

I am so proud of my kids and the grades that they are getting.
Linda is going into the fifth grade. I can’t believe it. It seems like
yesterday she was in a basket on the floor of the plane coming here.
Laura has an average of  
 96.78 while her little sister  Linda has 98.48 but Linda doesn’t brag!paste 2 We were able
 to pay for their books and now I got this email:

 Your order has been created and is ready to ship.  By clicking the link below,
  you  may visit our secure site to remit your payment.  Your total cost is: 
 $ 270.69.
  Resources:  $63.65

                                                   Shipping:  $207.04

  Please pray for these costs to be met in a timely fashion.

Blessings in Music

One of our good friends in this ministry is sending us two more
violins! It is so great to be able to replace some low quality
instruments with good ones. Our students are getting so good and the
quality of sound that these new violins produce make an incredible
difference.paste 3
We are having a contest to see who is the best. Those persons will
receive a new violin. It also encourages them to practice harder.
One of the problem we have in receiving these violins is shipping.
It cost about $300 to ship a violin, then probably another $300 for
customs and then shipping within the Countries +++
Well, what we do is to look for people coming here to bring them.
We had one going to the U.S. but not sure exactly when and one there but
not sure about when he will return. Then I got a note from a Face Book
friend who is coming here to work with a nearby Church with their VBS
program. He said he would finally like to meet me in person. I was
excited about that and told him great and let’s get in touch when you
are here. The next day I said to myself, “DUH!” He is coming here! The
first week of April. So I got back on F.B. and asked if he would be
willing to bring the violins to which he replied favorably! Praise the
Lord. Now, all we had to do is ship them from Maine to Texas. (also not a
cheap trick) However the man who so generously provided the violins,
paid the tab on the shipping. That is the second time he did that. It is
so hard for me even after going on nine years to learn to receive. I
love to give but receiving is so hard. I feel like I am taking advantage
but someone wrote once, when you are faced with that kind of
generosity, graciously accept it and say thank you. Do not refuse it
because then you are taking a blessing from both you and the giver.
Remember, God creates and allows these circumstances to bless us all.

Our Musicians have also been invited to my friend, Pastor
Palit-ang’s Church for a “Music Night” where we will perform. The Church
members are very excited about that. Pray that we will be a blessing.

Vacation Bible Schoolpaste 4

VBS will begin on the 20th of April. Please pray that it is
successful and many will be saved. We take VBS very seriously and so
every  year we send our teachers to train in the newest techniques to
present the Gospel to the kids through various means.Click here to see some photos


Please remember to pray for our feeding program. We are feeding hungry kids 7 days a week.paste 5
Also, pray for our volunteers who not only serve the kids but
cook, clean, lead devotions, shop and make sure all runs very smoothly. I
am so thankful for our people.


I recently realized what a blessing our people are. In all the
Churches I have been to I have always noticed quite a difference in the
amount of people who attend on a Sunday morning compared to a evening or
weekly service or activity. We have about a 97% return rate. In other
words we are full in the evening as well as the morning.paste 6

I also was a bit upset that we only had 60 doorknockers and were down a couple. Then I
realized how many Churches just have a few. I am so thankful that the Lord runs this Church.
He has blessed us to be a blessing!!


Thanks to all our supporters who
are so much a part of all that is done here. God Bless you richly! paste 8

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

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