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March 2007

Good news! The hard drive has been replaced due to the generosity of our supporters! Also, we can scratch off refrigerator, stove, gas tank, microphone and speaker, kitchen ware as my mother-in law will be donating her items to the church as she will be going to America.

We also received funds for an organ. It is just a $30 cheap organ but it works and Malou can practice on it until we have funds for a used piano.

God is good. We received a couple more balikbayan boxes from a sister in the Mira Mesa Church and it was filled with everything we needed. During Christmas we hardly received any children’s clothes but these boxes had plenty. It’s great to see that the day after we gave them out, our church kids came to church showing off their “new” clothes. They were so happy.

Pastor Deo Pagadura (Samar, Philippines- ) visited us and went door knocking two saturdays ago. My wife and Laura walked into the Barangay jail and asked if she could talk to the prisoners, they let her and after a while she called for Pastor Deo and he came in and led seven men to the Lord with tears!

Since the last report there have been 34 people saved and the Church keeps growing!

One day I went outside the house and I here Laura speaking to the girl next door…IN TAGALOG! It’s incredible. she was just chatting away. Linda is advancing also as she is now walking all over the place. She takes a few steps and grabs hold of something but she is getting around great.

Please don’t forget our vision to pray for it daily: (Also click on the scroll box to see our wish list and our church needs.

Pray for us as we continue to pray for all of you.

Pastor Jack

Payatas Baptist Church
Pastor Jack Wilson

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