Passing my 1/2 century mark and adding 13 years to it I am amazed at the world and what it has become.

Looking at all the facts and figures one can easily see that the years and methods over time have not worked.

I remember as a teen if one person said a bad word in front of the girls or women, we would give the guy a shot in the arm to wake him up.

Today, it seems that four letter words prevail and you are not with it if you are not part of it. Thank God I am ministering in the poorest part of Payatas and yet we do not hear that kind of language here. It must be reserved for the wealthier.

I am tired of defending my religious values to others. As I watch the number of the faithful, it keeps slipping. God said in the last days there will become a great falling away. Oh Lord, please give me the strength not to melt into the background that this world is becoming.

My Pop used to tell me that when he was a kid, if they were on the corner in a group the officer would tell them to “move along boys” and if they didn’t move fast enough they would get the baton on the back of the leg. Today they shoot cops and smash their cars and set their cars on fire and no one seems to notice or others say that it is a good thing.

I remember rent was $45 a month and today I looked up the price of a cheap motel and it was $50 per day. Rents are $1,000 and up today.

1960’s removed the bible which used to be shared in the schools up until then and discarded it along with prayer. Those same years have seen an epidemic in abortions, teen pregnancies and crime. Coincidence? There is no such thing.

Girls walking around half exposed. Even the President’s daughter was smoking pot and showing off her derriere.

The early years told us it was against God to live together before marriage. It also said Homosexuality was a sin. Today many live together without real commitment and float between lovers and Homosexuality is now applauded as they are allowed to be married. We said it was a slippery slope and now there are people applying to marry their dogs. One Country just legalized pedophilia and multiple wives will soon be allowed.

Perverseness begins with the smallest of sins and escalates into a horrendous show of debauchery. Most people will not notice as the Bible says, just as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the son of man returns.

If it seems to you that most have lost their way than you either know Jesus as Lord and Saviour or you soon will as He is speaking to your heart. However if all this seems normal, I am sorry for your loss.