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June 2015


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    Try Walking in our Shoes…    
Or, sitting in our seats…
Good friends of ours surprized us this month.
I looked up and saw my friend waving in the door way. I could
not believe my eyes. Him, his wife and their two handsome boys just
showed up at our door.
They are regular supporters and besides our being friends, felt it necessary to visit the ministry.

They sat through the service and when it was over they said they wanted to donate an Air Conditioner to the Church.

You could see the sweat pouring off them as they got a first hand feeling of how hot the Church was.

This made me think,if only we could get more people to walk in
our shoes, to sit in our church, to struggle with the children in their
poor homes, to attend a school with 80 others in your class. To want to
learn an instrument but can’t afford to buy one. To desire a college
education but realize there are no funds.
To sit in our feeding program as we try to prepare enough food to feed the children.

It’s tough and not apparent because other people do not feel what we feel here.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit opens hearts and we will get more support to bless more people.

Click to see our cool gift from some cool friends!



We believe that if you are good Stewards, God will promote you.
We had a back yard in our Church about 9′ x 15′, so years ago
we put a roof over it and a steel door on the side, built some tables,
threw in an old refrigerator and a two burner stove and called it a

This month we replaced our broken two burner stove with two-two
burner stoves.We also installed a strong fan so the cooks will be a bit
cooler. Our Aircon is out that back window and so all the hot air goes
there. Now we blow it out the back with our new fan.

For all you cat lovers. Our mama cat just had 5 kittens that currently reside in the back of the kitchen in a box.

As I am writing, two of the men of the church are repainting the kitchen.

Musician Notes

Our Church performed wonderfully at Pastor Reuel Palit-ang’s
SMBBC Church 2 weeks ago and will perform at Don Antonio Baptist Church
this Sunday afternoon. We gave out a couple more guitars, two more
violins and about 9 recorders. Pray that our group will turn into an

Our wonderful friends up in Maine are sending us two more
violins which should arrive here via another missionary friend by or
around July 15th. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Pray for the Brethren

Please pray for the health, happiness and prosperity of all our
supporters. Pray we will get more supporters. We even have friends that
we disagree with. Please pray for them too. They are still our friends.
Some of them have important ministries and can use your prayerful intervention.


hope for the $5 Million dollar PBC Compound continues. I haave prayed
and prayed and asked God if it’s not His will to remove the desire. He
has not removed it from me or the church. We know God could touch one
person who could underwrite the entire project. Please pray with us.





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An average L300 about 15-20 years old will cost about $6,700
Please pray that we can add one to our Church. It can double as my
vehicle which is quickly sinking off to forgotten land.



The world is


Like never before the evils of this world are getting worse and
worse. Men changing to women, women to men and children being asked not
what they want to be when they grow up but what sex they want to be.
Do you know what is being taught in your children’s schools?
The Salt and light are getting dull and dim. However there is a remnant. Fight the good fight and don’t give up.

Job 19:25  For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:



If you were Satan the first attack you might make would be to
destroy the truth and replace it with a lie. Today, clost to 60% of all
“Christians” use this abominable writing as the word of God. PLEASE!!!
Check it out for your self and please come home to the word of God, the

copy of pbcre 3



To those who care.

We are so glad you

are there.

God Bless.

Ptr Jack, Malou,

Laura and Linda

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