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June 2012

November 12th, 2010

What is Independence to You?


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I always loved the fourth of
July. The brilliant colors in the night sky coupled with the smell of
gun powder. Isn’t it ironic that the smell of gunpowder shows that we
never had to smell gunpowder from fighting on our shores?
As a child I loved to “shoot off” fireworks but as I get older, I admit I no longer appreciate the noise.
A family picnic or barbecue or a jaunt to the beach. They were all good and pleasant memories.
As I grew older, I started to appreciate the fact that
although no Country was perfect, mine was the closest to it. It is a
feeling of love of Country that people all over the world share. I
appreciate the freedom to earn an income, to speak your piece and to
live in peace.

Unfortunately, not all can say that. With wars raging around
us and poverty abounding, there are people that are not independent

Independence to the poor is the ability to get by. To the
middle class it is the ability to be above the cost of the things they
need and to the rich, to maintain and increase  the things they have.
To the old it is being able to take care of them selves. Many
old have been forgotten. Many poor children , pushed to the side.

We are here in Payatas to bring Independence. The
independence that is greater than all others. That is Independence
through Jesus Christ. With that we will continue to serve the poor and
the forgotten. Our Independence gives us that ability. Please help some
one today.

School Time in the Philippines

As we mentioned last month, we need $500 so my children can continue their education.
As of now there have been no donations to that fund.
I know the old adage that the shoe maker’s kids have no shoes.
It would be ironic if the one who went to help so many could not even support his own family.

Please send your best gift and mark it Laura&Linda and may God bless you as you bless others.



Laura and Linda’s School
We need an 8 Octave keyboard for our music Department
A Place to move
Strength to run this race


I’m a Professor Now!

I was asked if I would teach second year English at the Asia-Pacific
Christian College and Seminary. I said as long as I can preach the
Gospel, I would love too. The kids are wonderful and I am enjoying
working with them. Please pray that they will learn Oral and Written


Livelihood Program

We have a new livelihood program and it is quickly becoming a success.
We call it the “Ladies of Payatas Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories”

The ladies make earrings, hand bags, change purses, key chains, necklaces, bracelets…

Our secret is we are charging Filipino prices.
I have seen other sites selling the same items for up to ten times as much as we do.
Christmas is coming-these are quality items.
Click to see

Thanks for your prayers and support

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

Help us build!

Photos of Potential Site
The Vision


Tel: (632)430-8177

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