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June 2009

To all our faithful friends and supporters

Prayer Needs:

Our building is bursting at the seams!
Please pray for the vision of Payatas.
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Pray for the Pastors needs.
Both Pastor Jun and myself have our own needs to support our homes and raise our children. Unlike a salaried position, we take care of our business as others respond to God.

Reaching Kids For Christ

Camp 2009-The best one yet!

They swam, zipped,was involved in contests, had singalongs and was taught in the word as many had their lives changed. As I get time, I will add more letters to the site but one letter in particular summed it up when the young boy said he had plenty of food and it was so peaceful to sleep. This was probably his first encounter with fifteen straight meals and a real bed.  May God bless all of you who helped to make this happen.

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V.B.S. – 2009 Another P.B.C. Victory!

Usually we have our VBS supplies months before we hold it, this year we only had a couple of weeks to prepare and we had camp in the middle.

The members and friends of PBC showed their caliber as they pitched in to put on the best VBS ever.  Continue reading this article on my website…

Click here and scroll  to see hundreds of photos.

Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church and Ministries, Inc., is a direct result of the missionary efforts of the Bethel Baptist Church in Harbor City, California Pastor Rudy Abrot and Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc. an American based Corporation which holds a 501C3, non-profit status. These efforts are achieved by the generosity of our supporters.
We are located in the area of the infamous Payatas dump site. The dump site has thousands of people who need the help and support of a good Christian Church. Should you decide to support this ministry either by ongoing, one time or occasional support,we would like you to know that all gifts are tax deductible for American donors.

PBC is ready to EXPLODE!

Our services are over crowded. We are packed in like sardines.

Please pray that we can get a larger building. I am convinced that however large a building we get, God will fill it!

The need is so great here. With a large building we could:

  • have a feeding program six days a week, each day
  • presenting the Gospel.
  • Have another medical clinic
  • Have an after school tutoring program
  • Have  livlihood programs
  • and of course have a larger place to worship.

We have applied for grants but it seems those with the money are giving only to the large ministries. Pray that someone will be moved to help us to:


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