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June 2008

Another month of blessings has come and gone and we are here to give the report.

Malou has been washing clothes with a scrub board (you young ones will have to ask someone older what that is) for the past two years. This morning I got an email from one of our supporting Churches that they were sending a generous donation above their monthly support, for our household needs.

Praise God! I will now get a new set of golf clubs!

Only kidding, Malou gets the washing machine.

Also, thanks to the generosity of another dear supporter, I now have my permanent status as a resident of the Philippines. Not only that but I now have my driver�s license and am working on registration renewal on my motorcycle.

The medical clinic is still doing well where many have made professions of faith. One woman didn�t accept Jesus at the clinic but asked if Malou could visit her at her house and so Malou led her to the Lord at that time.

Our young people have now taken an interest in going to the medical clinic to witness and hand out tracts. It is exciting to see these teenagers as they get involved for Christ.

Our Church members are getting jobs and doing well as they put the principles of Jesus first to work. Please pray as we have two people who lost their jobs because they refused to work on Sunday. Pray that God will bless them beyond their dreams to show the others that putting God first has its rewards.

I hope you all got a chance to see the artistic project in which we were involved. Boysen paint in Quezon City donated the paint and we painted the gospel message on the wall across from the Church. (Click on the photo link below) Now our artist has been getting other jobs from those who have seen his work. Getting work here in Payatas is really a blessing as many can�t even buy rice.

The Church is growing; more people are attending the Men and Women�s fellowships. Every first Sunday we have pot luck. Tithing is going up and we are praying to have the strongest Church in the world! (If God gives us the strength.)

I was in a bit of an accident with the bike last week. A tricycle driver pulled in front of me without looking, to get a fare and so I crashed into the back of him. I think the guy was going to try to blame me but when he saw the crowd that gathered, helping me up and asking, �Pastor Jack are you okay�, he realized that all the people knew me. I let him go because he didn�t look like he could buy supper let alone pay for the bike to be fixed. Anyway, it turned out well as it only cost 500peso to repair. That�s about $12. In America they would have sold me a new bike!

We had a visitor from Holland the other day and so one of my members and myself took him and his companion on a motorcycle tour of the garbage dump. I�ll tell you this, it is a trip they will never forget.

Malou is doing great and is such a blessing to me and this Church. She is considered the top witnesser (is that a word?) at the clinic.

The girls are doing terrific. Laura has her third grade studies now and is handling them with no problems. It is such a pleasure to watch her participate in the singing at Church and like her father, she has a lot of hand gestures and faces. She really gets into it.

Linda is counting to twelve and can even read some letters. At two years old she knows the names of more animals than I do.

Keep praying for us as we continue to pray for all of you.

God bless you and keep you until next month,

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

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