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June 2007

Have you ever wondered to yourself if God has really called you to do something?

God called me to this ministry eight years ago this July. He brought me through many rough roads to get here. We were opposed by those who thought of themselves more than they were and tried to stop this ministry. We were the subject of gossip and �God fearing men� spreading these undocumented untruths. Many had said they would support us and gave us dates that we would receive that support but it never came nor did an explanation. Yet through it all God prevailed. Even now there will be those that will say I should not mention the hard parts yet I have Paul to look to as my example, when he opposed those that were acting unspiritual to their face. Yet through it all God has prevailed and has even managed to teach me to be patient!

For those of you who know me, I hope you�re not choking or laughing too loudly at that remark.

God has given us wonderful supporters. People who really care about this ministry and we really care about their�s. We pray that God will bless you beyond belief this month of June, so you can know, your supporting us is from God.

Next month we will be here one year. This past May, we have been in our Church building, six months.
This is what has been going on:

In the time since we arrived, 220 people have professed Jesus as Lord and Savior.
We have overfilled our Church.
We literally need a larger building. Our children�s Sunday school and both evening services need rooms to split the children into three groups.
We could also use a fourth room for the teens.
We have just started plans for a choir, and a men and a ladies fellowship group.
We have an upcoming youth conference at San Mateo Baptist Church.
We (through a donator) sent 26 children and 3 adult supervisors to Summer Camp in Laguna where we had 9 professions of faith and added to our church membership.
We just finished up our first Vacation Bible School where we had 70 children, 4 cooks, and 13 teachers.
We had 37 professions of faith and have added to the Church.
We had 28 people out door knocking last week and the number keeps growing.
We are being blessed as a medical missions team from Bayonne, N.J. will be here July 4 & 5
We are able to send one of our members to four years of Bible College. Our artist and wonderful brother Mike, will be attending Asia Bible Baptist College with free tuition. We were informed that each Church is entitled to one free student! Praise God!

That was neither the year�s report nor the six month report. Most of that was just in the last month!

I always say, I have nothing to do with any of it except by standing, looking up, and asking my Father, What next Lord? It is like basking in the sun. We had nothing to do with creating it or causing it to be there but we can glory in its rays!

This is God�s ministry and strange as it may seem, He picked us to be here to watch Him work!

Our Needs: This is the section that we really wish did not have to be here but the truth is, it does. Missionaries work twice as many hours as many regular jobs with not enough income for half a job (maybe even a quarter) we came here by faith with about $600 a month support. That included Church and Home expenses. No room for medicine so God had to heal me to save 15,000 pesos a month! Yet God has never rained money like manna out of Heaven. He has always used others. Now we are up to almost $1000 per month.


I am in a tight squeeze. Since the accident I had unforeseeable bills to pay. Not only that but we were blessed with being able to send our kids to camp for free but It cost me $100 to send them. (Jeepney and expenses) We got the vacation Bible School supplies for free but it cost me another $150 for traveling for volunteers from our neighbor church, food all week for kids and staff and misc, crafts. That along with $200 assorted expenses due to the accident brings it to a total of $450.00 in the hole. Every time these expenses arise, they come out of my family�s living expenses. We are only too glad to do it but we are now down to nothing.

I know that doesn�t seem a lot. Many pay 4-5x that for rent. But for us, it is disastrous. So being that you are our only source (so far through our Lord) for support. You are who we will ask to help.

It is very easy. You will see at the bottom of this web page a copy of a filled out deposit slip. If you go to Bank of America and fill it out the same way (except for the $ amount, that is how the Spirit leads) and hand it with the money to the teller, it will be done. Quick, easy, and painless. Even if it is only $5, it will be used! If you prefer, you can go to and click on donate to use a credit card.

Thank you for your continued support and love for this ministry. May God bless you as you are a blessing.

PS I have sent all of you a link to a site called �Multiply� where we have posted all of our photos for the Church. Please sign on and see for yourself the work that God has done here. If you accidentally deleted the link or have not received it, please email me and I will re-invite you.

Also, spread the news about this ministry, we have singular as well as Churches supporting us.
Tell others about what God is doing in Payatas!

Pastor Jack

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