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July Update 2018


Time flies

As of the 21st of July we will have been here 12 years. The Church anniversary will be in November.
Also, Malou and I have been married 19 years tomorrow, the 31st.

I am so glad that God takes notice of us. He loves and uses  good hearted Christians to help the ministry here and although there will be no great fanfare, we feel His love despite it.

Our feeding program is growing more and more and so are the kids. Children who had so little are now looking their normal weight. One of our families was walking down the road while they were stopped by a barangay official. He asked if they were still going to “That Church” the mother said yes and he responded that they are really helping you. Your  (six) children are not skinny anymore.
I thank God for those who contribute directly to this part of the ministry and all the great hard workers we have.
Thanks to Sisters Malou, Sherlyn, Eva, Roselyn, Racquel,Christie,Beverly, Nicole, Anne, Jessa,Rosalyn, Genesis  and we have one man, Brother Rubern who cooks a little fancy with his own money and is making the other cooks look bad! HA< HA>
Also four of our boys, Nickie, Fritz, Kyle and Penuel all help and do the devotions.

Jesus is best received through a full stomach!


I have never seen children so happy to learn. We have classes on Saturday and Sunday and even a bit on Wednesday afternoon.

Our children are getting smarter and smarter as evidenced by the report cards they bring to us.

Many thanks to all our teachers. There are too many to number but they are well appreciated.
They are changing lives for the better.

Three of the children who came to the Church, not attending school, not only attend but have really done well. So well in fact that they were chosen to go on a statewide “Bee” for Math, English and History.
Pray for our children. the twenty year plan is working. We have some in college that we raised from little children.
We look forward to when they go out into the field as professionals and become the Christians God called them to be.

Paperwork Ministry

I must give credit to my wife.Not only is she a teacher, a cook, an overseer to the women and children, she also gets all the paperwork needed for these kids to go to school.
Some of these kids have never attended school and this past week she had to get two certificates for them. Sorry to say, if she doesn’t do it, some parents would not bother and the children would get no education. Sister Malou is critical to the operation.


Words can not express the improvement in all of our musicians but this video can. Please take a look-VIDEO

Our kids are excellent. Not only do we have guitar, violin and keyboard players but we also have a flutist, ukeleles, harmonicas, beat box, and recorders. As a matter of fact, Sister Malou needs to buy more recorders. Her group alone equals 30 kids playing the recorder!

I am not saying that these kids will all become professional but music teaches them discipline and I can see the changes in all of them!


As I mentioned, we have about 60 + enthusiastic door knockers who go out every Saturday. As you would guess, we use a lot of tracts. We do teach them to spend more time engaging people in Gospel conversation but even so, we give out a lot. Thankfully there is a very faithful organization that supplies them to us and I recently went with another Pastor to Batangas to buy boxes of tracts and English-Tagalog New Testaments. It is only about $2 a box so it is not too bad.
Pray that each one of us can reach plenty for the kingdom!


Please pray. Our car is being held together by spit and glue (almost literally)
Our home is full of termites and we could use a compound.


Many thanks. Words are never enough to tell you how much you are appreciated and needed. Most people only miss you when you are gone but we pray for you every day. God Bless you all!

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