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July 2017 Update

Eleven Years Serving God In Payatas

When you hear , “It seems like yesterday”, it is a pretty accurate statemement if you are enjoying the work.
val2_bottom_left.gifPeople say to us that we must be really something to give our lives to this mission in this place. I would like to polish my chest and stand there beaming but the truth is, when you are doing God’s will, there is no other option. Rather they should say, “Imagine if you disobeyed the call of God, where you might be now?”

We love it. We love arriving at Church early and many kids are there already. We love how they come with their school stuff to show us how well they are doing. We love going out with a large crowd to bring the Gospel to the community. We love to see the church grow. We love to see the commitment of our adults. All in all, I feel a bit guilty about having so much fun. Praise God!

Laura & Linda have the funds needed for their schooling.

Thanks to all that supported this effort. We pray that the girls will grow stronger and stronger. How they progress is because of your help.
We are now waiting for A.C.E. to process everything.

We also enrolled two new kids in school with out birth certificates. Now we were able to get them.


One of the priorities in an impovereshed area (Other than Salvation) is gainfull employment. Our people are obtaining above average jobs and are doing well in them. One by one as they practice the rule that God blesses those who are obedient to Him, they have had incredible blessings along with the rest of the Church.

Please keep our Compound in your prayers.

One more request: Please keep me in your prayers. I just had lab work done and my numbers for diabetes are out of sight. I am committing to a strict diet.

Please Pray!

God bless all of you who support and care for this mission with your prayers.



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