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July 2008

It seems the whole world is turning upside down. Gas prices are out of control, the government is stepping in to try to save over a million Americans from losing their homes. There are hurricanes and typhoons and flooding and fires and it is getting that many see no where to turn.

Thank God for Jesus Christ. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Last Sunday we had a terrible typhoon and many died because of it. The brunt of it was at the coast (about 1 hour away) but we had our fair share of trouble.

Last Sunday we had a terrible typhoon and many died because of it. The brunt of it was at the coast (about 1 hour away) but we had our fair share of trouble..

I decided to take my motorcycle to go to Church as it was Sunday morning and I need to be the example for my members. I drove as the wind blew me back and forth. As I was going through the mountains I met a man fixing his bike and so I pulled over to ask if he needed help. He greeted ma saying Hi Pastor Jack although I didn�t recognize him, he said he would be fine. I continued around a downed tree and came across a lake in the middle of the road. I saw two motorcycle riders, one on each side of the road. Both had their arms folded and was waiting for something. (Perhaps for Moses to part the sea) anyway I waved to them, asked God to get me across and proceeded through the water. It was high enough that even I had my feet up, my rear end got wet but God got me through. He is faithful even though half my Church wasn�t.

I told my church that the Tagalog word for Typhoon was “excuse” It is also used in many other cases.

We had no electric at Church but we had a nice candlelight service and those who came were blessed.

Prices are still going up. People are waiting in line to get Government rice and some of our supporters have stopped supporting us as their congregations have cut back on their giving. So, we have decided to take on our first Missionary and so in one year Pastor Dicusin and family will be going to the mission field and I told them we would start supporting them two months before they leave. In the meantime we have a large can and we have started taking up a collection for them every week so when they leave we will be able to give them a blessing.

Someone once said, When things get tough give more we believe that too. Things getting tough are a challenge from God to test our faithfulness. We want to be found faithful.

Blessings come in different ways. Someone gave us an air conditioner which was large enough to do the main room. We hooked up electric and built a stand and plugged it in and it didn�t work! One of our members father is an A/C man and he told us it would be 5,500 pesos to replace the compressor, plus another couple hundred pesos to put the Freon in. That killed that. I told him we would do it if and when we got the money. The other day my wife saw him with a compressor. He said he got a 2000 peso discount on it and we can pay when we have it. Praise God! He always provides even when it doesn�t seem that way.

Malou is actually having fun doing her laundry in the machine! What a blessing. Next time you put a load of clothes into the washing machine, take a second and thank God you don�t have to do them by hand!

We are reaching more people everyday all over Payatas. Please remember to pray for our vision to build the Payatas Baptist Compound. We are looking to being able to provide a good Christian education to the children here as well as a medical facility and a very large Church! Pray! I feel it�s coming soon.

Last Saturday, as we were just about to leave to go door knocking, a group of Jehovah Witnesses went by. I ran back inside the Church and grabbed a pile of J.W. tracts and tried to give them out to them but they would not accept them. One man said, �If it�s not from the Watchtower, I won�t read it.� What a shame, he didn�t say if it wasn�t in the Bible but if it wasn�t in the Watchtower.

We went behind them and gave out the tracts to those they spoke with and so later on I got a call at the office from one of the J.W.�s. He started giving me Scripture to �prove� Jesus wasn�t God but for every one he gave I was able to show him how it proved Jesus is God. Finally he said he had to go. I think he just gave up. I invited him to Church. I hope he comes.

We pray for you all each week and hope to find you all well in the Lord as you continue to serve Him..

God Bless,

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

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