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January 2018 Update

Baby, it’s cold outside!
I can only imagine how cold it is there on the East coast and Northern parts. It took me years but after 11 of them, (and now being on blood thinners) it gets cold quick. Right now it’s 75 degrees and I am chillin’!

 I remember when I started making these newsletters eleven years ago. My friend said, “It’s a great idea but what happens when you run out of things to say?” So far, I haven’t. As a matter of fact, last month was so hectic I was two weeks late with our last newsletter.

As you know I had a medical mishap last month. I started to go to Church and when I was driving, I pressed down on the gas pedal but my foot would not come up. I had to actually pull my leg up off the pedal. They took me to Makati Medical and found out what I had expected. My sugar levels were through the roof , I had clots in my brain and diabetic neuropathy in my legs. All that because years ago I was adamant not to take a needle in my belly every day. Well, I do now. They made it so much easier that it is no problem. I even made a public service video to show those who are chicken like me. Go here and click to see it:VIDEO

So I lost a LOT of weight and am now down to 153#s I don’t reccomend getting sick but it’s an effective way to lose weight.

Malou is a Godsend. She cooks everything special for me and my girls are always there to help their daddy. I am blessed!

VFN Sends more boxes!
Our friends in Florida have sent more boxes. It is such a blessing to see our people receiving the things they need but can’t afford. Here are a couple of videos:
Video 1

Video 2

We are looking forward to many miracles. We are still trying to raise $5,000 to buy a piece of land so we can build mini houses for some of our poor. We have $2,645 so far! We lost the last piece of land we had because we did not have all the money but God’s timing is always the best.
One of our people went home the other day and they had no food (I did not know this) Her children asked what will they eat.She replied, just pray. God will take care of it. A short while later someone brought them 5 kilos of rice and sausages. God keeps His promises!!
There is a new Social media network in town and its name is LORDSBOOK.ORG 

If you ever complained of profanity or other problems with FaceBook, this is a Christian alternative. Why don’t you sign up now? It’s free and you will be helping to expand God’s Kingdom using the internet in a godly way!!

To all our friends and supporters. We appreciate and pray for you every day. Your faithfulness is our blessing. We pray that it is your blessing also.


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