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January 2016

Deja Vu All Over Again!
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THE 2015 Year in Review

Last January we started our feeding program 7 days a week so the kids could have at least one good meal per day


In 2015 we saw at least a half of dozen new youth teachers with a God given gift to teach

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2015 brought many more students into the Church learning the word of God, Academics and music with Enthusiasm

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We received 5 professional violins from American friends, we had other friends donate a large A.C. unit. We also recceived art supplies, Guitars, School supplies, clothes hundreds of pounds of rice from our friends in Canada. I could go on and on, God is so good!


Deja Vu – "
the strange feeling that in some way you have already experienced what is happening now"

The  plan we have had for the last 9&1/2 years is to bring the Gospel, Educate the kids, grow them into Godly, productive adults and repeat.

Over and over again we have seen so many children ask Jesus into their lives and then stay on as we taught them academics, raising their normal averages. Music, which increases their discipline.

Now we have our first child graduating college. The next one is just behind, one year. A few more will reach college and some will be gaining in Elementary and High School.

As they mature the church grows. At 16 years old the children can become members and join our prayer meetings, men and women's group and the big one, they are allowed in the kitchen! We have added about 4 young adults to that category.

Yes, it is Deja Vu. We have been here before and we will continue to do the same things over and over as we get closer to our goal to be self propagating.

Tonight my wife spent our last money for the month to take our violinists to a concert. I felt the exposure would be very valuable to them.

We take people to St Lukes hospital to get the help they need. We feed the hungry. We help them with their personaal needs. Glasses, Dentistry and such needs. In doing so our people become no more members of a Church but members of a family.

Please don't forget us here. We recently lost a good size supporting Church because they had some problems. We feel it.


Tel: (632) 432-8177

Email: payatasbaptistchurch.orgm


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