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January 2013

Let’s Build Some Walls!
The Foundation is finished!
No, that is not a reference to an actual piece of land with
a building started on it although it is our vision. It is a reference
to the first six years of our journey here in Payatas.
We started laying the groundwork in July of 2006 by telling
everyone who would listen, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We saw
many professions of faith and our Church grow. We also weeded out those
that the enemy had planted to destroy God’s church and we continued to
teach the word of God, word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by
paragraph, chapter by chapter, book by book.

We studied through the Bible in four years time and we are now on our second time to read it through.

We taught the principles of God and we watched as our entire Church got stronger each day.

We did not pray for fame or fortune but that we could be
the strongest christians in the strongest Church on the face of the
earth. It’s working. Our people now have jbs, families are fetting along
together, children are being educated and are obedient. We praise God
for the health of this Church.

It’s Time For The Walls!
Our vision from the beginning was to build a compound for
our outreach. We are praying for a property that is almost two hectares
in size. That it will house a Church that will seat at least two
thousand. It also should have a elementary, middle and high school
building, a medical clinic, dormitories for missionaries and a covered
court for weekly evangelism programs. It is a job that only God can make

foundation 2
foundation 3
Praises & Prayers
We baptised three people this month. Two older ladies and my own little Linda!
We need $3,500 to send 100 kids to camp on Apr 22-26
Vacation Bible School will be  on Apr 8-13 for 100 kids.
We still beed to move. Landloed is being patient but…
Laura and Linda will start 7th & 3rd grade respectively
We just heard from Pastor Abrot (sending Church) Hoping he will come to preach
Friends & Family day is Feb. 3rd
We have 3 more students for college
We now have 15 violinists and more students for all instruments
We have overflowed the Church, we have many outreach
ministries and everyone in the Church is actively working at something.
Please pray for more income and $4 million for the compound.


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