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January 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008 left on a great note. We had a group call and ask if we could find someone to whom we could distribute food baskets. That was an easy one! So we gave out some forty somewhat baskets of food to some very deserving kids to take home to their families.

Then our good friend of our ministry, Pastor David Hong stopped by with a huge bag of �jelly� shoes and so, once again we handed out shoes to all the kids.

We had a great time caroling which netted us the funds in which to have our Christmas party. A great time was had by all.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, �If you build it, they will come?� Well, apparently that includes baptisteries (btw, that�s how spell check is giving it to me.) because we keep baptizing people all the time now.

We are looking forward to the coming New Year with anticipation and joy.

There is a building lot on the opposite corner of the Church and it�s for sale. We are praying that we can buy it and build a four story multi-function building on it. We were told if we could have a safe place that would hold a few hundred kids, that there is a program which will feed them a hot meal six days a week and all we need to do is hand it out and present a gospel message. In addition it can function as a Church, classrooms for training, bible studies, college and career, another medical clinic� We have sent out some grant proposals so please pray that we will receive as we have asked.

We are still praying for the Payatas Baptist Compound and believe God that all this work will come to pass.

We are looking into some way of catering to the financial needs of the poor Church members through livelihood programs. We are researching the building of a Tilapia farm. A very small piece of land can easily provide many Tilapia for the market. The ladies are looking into Bayong (basket weave type of shopping bags) making. These are beautiful hand woven bags used for going shopping and would possibly have a great market for export.

The idea is that we never get stagnated in the field and are always open to the call that God may give us to increase the word of God in this place using various strategies as we go.

My six year old, Laura, is just about finished with her third grade studies and is looking forward to fourth grade. Her Bible memorization is phenomenal. I wish I had a head like hers! One of the local Baptist Churches is holding teachers conference training. Those who feel called to do so were encouraged to sign up. A few of our teens and older adults are planning to attend. Keep watching our photos page. We have an airbrush artist in the Church who is doing the baptism of Jesus over our baptistery. I will post the photo when it is finished.

Thanks to a generous supporter��s giving we have had our first Christmas tree since coming here. The girls were even able to have some presents. Linda will be 3 on January 11 while Laura will be 7 on February the 9th. Please pray we can give them a nice day for their birthday.

Our prayer is that this year you will be closer to God then ever before. That you will know His desires for you and He will say �Well done� as you serve Him. May He bless your homes, your health, your heart and your happiness.

Happy New Year.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

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