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Invest in Maynilad???

I believe that investing in a Corporation takes more then looking at their balance sheets. It takes knowing the Companies Mission, if it goes along with your way of thinking and does it live up to it’s goals.

I met again with my friendly Maynilad representatives and although it is nice to converse with them, it gets us no where.

The conversation ended the same way as the last time with no new hope. I did pick up a couple of tidbits such as there are approximately 10,000 people who do not get a regular supply of water here in Payatas.

I also learned that Maynilad is looking to go publicĀ  by selling stock.

I’m not sure but would that affect the decision to supply water to the poor? Perhaps if I were buying stock I would not want to see a deficit of spending for poor people. I would want to make money not spend it,

I wrote to the United Nations today. Perhaps someone there will figure out why Maynilad whose slogan is “Water for All” does not live up to that slogan.

In the mean time, if you think Maynilad should supply steady water to the poor and infirm, drop them an email at:”CustomerHelpdesk” <>

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