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I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

So many songs have been written to say I’m sorry. Brenda Lee sang: I’m sorry, so sorry that I was such a fool.
Elton John sang, “ Sorry seems to be the hardest word however in this day and age I no longer accept sorry at face value.

Sorry has become a cheap word so easily dispensed at the drop of a hat to relieve someone of the harm that they did. I don’t buy it.

I call Globe telephone because for the 200th or so time, the Internet is down or acting erratic. The first thing the person at the help center says is , “I am sorry you are experiencing trouble with your internet.” My reply is cold and hard. “No you’re not!” “If you are sorry, pay me for my time lost.” “ Pay me for my aggravation.” “ Do something to show me that you really are sorry.”

If you do wrong to your wife you might offer an “I’m sorry” but there better be some candy or flowers along with those easily espoused words.

You may think I am being hard but think again. Sorry never works on it’s own. There needs to be substantiation along with it.

What did John the baptist say?

Luk 3:7 Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?
Luk 3:8 Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance…”

John was not going to take a simple sorry. He wanted action. He wanted proof that they were truly sorry.

I am not a fan of altar calls. I believe that too many times people come forth to please friends or family or because they have been caught up in the moment. Too many times I hear preachers bragging that 300 people responded to their altar call on friends and family day.

Of course the following week none of those people have shown up at Church. Too many times it’s about the bragging rights and not the conversion.

With that said, I am not against the altar call. I am just against it for me. A sincere Pastor needs to be guided by the Holy Spirit as to His method of operation for that Pastor. What is good for one is not always and necessarily good for the other.

In my church we spend time with new people teaching them what true repentance means and many times they draw to God as they hear the word and apply it to their own lives.

I have spoken to many who have told me that they were “born again” and how were they born again I asked? By attending a born again church. I then proceed to enlighten them on how one is actually born again.

One must understand that without repentance there is no salvation. Without sincerely seeking forgiveness from the Saviour how could He forgive?

Sometimes I get upset with someone and my wife will tell me that I need to forgive however there is one part left out. Unless they seek forgiveness how can they be forgiven? Unless they accept forgiveness how can they acquire it?

Our Calvinistic friends may argue, but we do get involved in our own salvation. Number one we are there and just by being there, we are involved. Number two we are remorseful and seeking forgiveness. Number three we are relieved and thankful for what was done within our souls. We are not doing the saving but we are doing what we are supposed to do.

So the next time you hear the words, “I’m sorry” , listen carefully and see if it comes with something to show you that it’s genuine.

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