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How Credible is the Baptist Church?

How Credible is the Baptist Church?

As you go through Payatas you will come upon a huge piece of land where they have started construction on a beautiful new building for the Jehovah Witnesses. Continuing down the road there is a giant tribute in the form of a Church , being constructed in the name of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Iglesia Building

As their building rises high into the sky I ask, what do they have that we don't?

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You might wonder, where do they get the money to build such large and beautiful Churches that attract thousands to hear their message?

This is also true for the other denominations.

All except the Baptist churches. In the poor areas where we barely get $20-$30 in the collection each week, we could not dream of building a building. But then again, neither could the others had they not have received outside help.

Baptist Buildings

"Shall we gather by the river?" " Because this buildings soon to collapse!"

Then what is the difference? Why do their organizations care about the poor areas to give them decent buildings and supplies while the Baptists do not?

I am thinking that because these other organizations are more “works” motivated that they have more enthusiasm for saving them selves by their works.

Baptists believe that we are saved by grace through faith and perhaps that tends us to be more self centered and slower to expand the kingdom.

You will notice the large Baptist edifices are in the more wealthy districts while in Payatas we have literally, shanties with broken old wooden signs that we use for Churches. While I am not in favor of building elaborate buildings for the sake of being elaborate, Baptists in poor areas are quickly being overcome by the other denominations.
Many fist time visitors believe if the Church is broken down, their God must be also.

We are believing that God will build His church here. We are just curious as to when and whom He will use. So many people have been instrumental in making us a very active Church and prosperous in the fact that we are able to help so many.

We are anxious to build a place worthy of the name of Christ. One that will say to the passersby that we represent Jesus Christ , come in and hear the word of God.

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