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I was locked out of Face Book (herein called FB) for about 18 hours. This made me realize how hooked I am on it.

Now before you go bashing me as a Preacher who has sold his soul to the devil in order to be tied to such a cultic practice let me bring up a few things.

Your car, your tv, radio, computer, cell phone, telephone, washing machine… Are you a farmer? Are you still plowing the fields like the Amish ?(Horse and cultivator) of course not.

We mostly, do not mail letters anymore. We are humans. We adapt.

I also kow FB can take up too much of your time. It’s like I may like ice cream but two gallons for a snack might be a bit much.

So in that respect we need to have a healthy balance in everything we do. At Church I am constantly telling the kids (and some adults) no cell phone use in the Church. How hard can it be. the parents of these kids are taking the phones away because they are always on them.

I reckon FB should be viewed the same way.

Okay, I will take constructive debate but no foolishness. Thanks.

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