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Homeless – Choice or chance?

We read about homeless people all the time. We even see some of them but where do they come from?
Back in the 60’s or 70’s the Government released all the mentally deficient people because they said it was against the law to keep them against their will. Notice the word “will”,
I would like to propose that homeless people are because of their own will or those of the Government and here is why.1
When they let all the basically insane people out of jail they said as long as they don’t hurt anyone we have to release them. So they took to the streets. They would not work, they slept in people’s doorways, urinated and defecated on themselves and begged for money.
Not only was this an eyesore and an imposition and attack on the rights of people who lived where they slept, it was unfair to the mentally disturbed who before had at least three hots and a cot and much more in most places. A very large percentage of “homeless” would disappear if we decided to give them the treatment they needed.
How about those who are not insane?23
Well, there are many reasons for homelessness in America. Alcohol and drugs play a major role. So there again, forced therapy can cure a major amount of these people.
This would leave us with the truly homeless. One would expect that would be a person or entire family who because of economic factors are out of work and on the streets. Hogwash! With our unlimited welfare system, food stamps, housing projects, schooling, medical and a whole host of other liberal benefits there is absolutely not one good reason for anyone to be homeless in America.

4Here in Payatas, Philippines, we have homeless. Yes, we have the insane, the drug and alcohol homeless but we also have the truly homeless. If you cannot work here you do not eat. There are no government agencies. If you are very sick, you die. No money, no hospital. Many people here work 12-16 hours a day and come home to a house that is actually a shack put together with whatever they could find. Next time you see a homeless person, send a donation to Payatas.

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