My thoughts on the Chinese virus


Why I don’t fear the Chinese Virus
While the Bible does not say “Fear Not” 365 times as some say, it does say that or some variation a lot and the only time it tells us to fear is when it concerns God.
Mat_10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in Hell.
My fear of God is not a paralyzing fear but one of respect and obedience and love.
There are many versus in the bible that tell us not to fear the plagues but here is one that puts a light on what a plague is.

Exo_9:14 For I will at this time send all my plagues upon thine heart, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people; that thou mayest know that there is none like me in all the earth
God plagued Pharaoh for disobedience and also to show Egypt and Israel who He was. Egypt by the plague and Israel by not getting the plague.
I remember it raining one day. I was walking down the street and it rained only on the other side. I thought, How cool is this. Can you imagine what the Israelites were thinking as the Plague did not touch them?
My belief (and you can have your own) from my searching of the scriptures and prayer is that those who are Christians will not get the plague. Now, I am not sure if it is just Christians in good standing (those that are not backsliding as we all sin somewhat) or all Christians.
So if you tell me 40 people in your Church got it perhaps the question will be, were they really Christians?
By the way, there are many Churches that claim to be Christian but are not. I am talking about born again Christians. Bible believing and following Christians. Not somebody who says they were born a Christian. We are all born but to be a Christian, Jesus said you must be born again.
There are many Churches closing down and videoing their services and I must admit, it crossed my mind but then I thought how can I say I have faith but I don’t believe the promises, so I could not take that path.
This is not to criticize anyone. It is to make a point for my case. There are those who would condemn me but look at it my way. Perhaps this is a test for Christians to obey and for sinners to repent. Perhaps this is God showing us who He is.

Here is another thing. For those of you who shoot. Do you consider yourself a good shot? God is an expert. Whoever He aims at gets hit and He never hits anyone by mistake.
If God wanted me to have a virus he would give it to me if I hid in a vault. His aim is perfect.
That leaves the question whether or not you believe that God sent this virus. Well, He did, or He allowed Satan to do it and told him who he could and could not hit.
Now there are things that happen because there is sin in the world. For one, we all die but not until God pulls the switch. There are no accidents, God is in the planning. Colds, sniffles, headaches, … all because we are in this life. That is not to say if you weren’t the Christian you should have been and God gave you a disease you should have never got. It just means plagues are a distinct focus on mankind by God.
In all this staying at home which would be terrible if I had not the opportunity to meet with the Saints on the days we appoint.
Everyday we get new messages telling us of gloom and doom. “Christians”
Are a big part of it. Spreading lies that have been passed down by liars trying to cause fear and terror among the people when in fact Ebola and Sars were supposedly worse and yet you know what? I can’t remember them at all.
So, don’t fear for us. We are happy and praising the Lord and praying that God’s message will get through with all this.
Here’s to a quick end of this plague. God Bless.
Ptr Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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