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Hello world!

Welcome to  the PBC (Payatas Baptist Church) Word Press.

It is with great anticipation that I start this blog. I am hoping to get comments on the work here, suggestions for how we can do more and better things in Payatas. Networking so that perhaps we will find funding for the buildings we desire to build as well as supplying immediate aid to the poor here while trying to create livelihood programs that will allow for self achievement.

We (my wife Malou and two daughters, Laura and Linda), have been here going on five years. I was called here when I met and married my wife back in 1999. and by 2006 we were landing in Manila.

We have seen hundreds make confessions of faith and although we can never be sure of which were real and which were not, we do know that we have been doing the job put before us and that is to bring the Gospel to all of those which we come into contact.

I would like you to get to know us better. We have been sent here by Bethel Baptist Church in Carson, California. Pastor Rudy Abrot is the Pastor of the New Church they just built. If you like, you might check out their website at: and if you are in the Carson area, drop in to see them and tell them Pastor Jack sent you.

Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc. is our own mission agency which was started to focus on funding and to eventually be a help to bring other missionaries here to Payatas. If you would like to drop by the site, here is the link:

Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church And Ministries, Inc. ,  is what we started here back in 2006 when a handful of people met in a couple of different , squatter’s homes. Soon after we rented the small building we are now occupying. I suggest you would stop by the site at:

If you do not know where you will spend eternity, please start reading here: Word from the Pastor This is everything you wanted to know about getting to heaven but never knew where to ask!

If you would like to see our entire story you can check our “UPDATES” which is a diary in progress which started when we left in 2006 right up to the present time.

Our “Photo” site  (Phanfare) has way over 5000 photos.

There are many links on both sites which would include:

Our Vision

Why Give?


As well as:

Our Purpose

Our Plans

There are many other pages on both sites to show you who we are, what we want to do, what has been done so far, why our organization is worthy of your support as well as a diary and over 5000 photographs documenting the work and accomplishments  as well as the need that still exists here.

I hope you will come to know us and pray for us as well as be helpful with financial support.

Please feel free to post your comments.

God Bless!

Pastor Jack

Payatas kids

Focusing on what’s good.

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