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Friends in the Business

It’s always good to have friends in the business.
What business? Well my father’s business of course.
Jesus said, I must be about my Father’s business.
Churches are no different than other businesses except that ours is a spiritual one. Hopefully we are not corrupt and our product is saved souls and improved lives.
Churches, unlike other businesses, tend to share their resources with each other. We visit each other and partake in Anniversaries, Mission conferences, Youth outings and the sort.
Today, thanks to Pastor Allan at Community Bible Baptist Church in San Isidro, our church was able to receive some instruction in singing.
A renowned singer, Beverlyn, and a member of Community Bible Baptist Church in Quezon City, volunteered her time to help the kids.
This is their site:
God always supplies our needs as well as our wants as we rely on Him.
So much can be accomplished as we support one another.
Stop by and see our Photos: Here

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